Pre searing Giveaways and events

  • Hello!

    Over in the pre searing community discord (link at the bottom) we are holding various events and giveaways to celebrate the game we all love and the community that keeps it alive. Even though most of you reading this will have somehow slipped past the guards and escaped pre (you better believe I will be investigating how you snuck through the gates), everyone is welcome to reignite the nostalgia and join in the events that we run. <3

    Just a quick summary of what we have going on.

    Membership milestone giveaways:

    Currently we have the 1900 member giveaway active with a total prize pool of 200bd (That's roughly around 50a right now to you escapees when converted), simply guess a number between and including 1-1900 and the closest guess to each draw wins a prize. These are held every x amount of members we get, 3 draws per giveaway, and the prize pool always stays the same, with the exception of....

    :!:The upcoming 2000 member giveaway:!:

    To mark the milestone of hitting 2000 members, we will be giving away a total prize pool of 2000bd (500a), plus Weapons, Pcons, Drunk/Party/Sweet title sets and more, the prize pool will increase up until we hit the milestone. 10 draws will be made, same rules as normal, pick a number, closest wins. This really will be a huge event so do not miss out :)

    Master's Hoarding challenge:

    Along with the giveaways, I also run events for the community. My hoarding challenge is simple... on paper :evil: I pick 7 purple weapon skins per week that can drop from charr, and all you have to do is find them! Each week a new list is generated. The prize per week is 25BD. For each week my challenge defeats the community, the prize rolls over and is added to the following weeks prize pool. Currently this weeks prize pool is 150BD. Rules are listed in the dedicated channel on the discord for this event. Though be warned, many tears have been shed in the hunt for my items. The victor earns the prize pool, has their name engraved into the LHoA wall (Legendary hoarders of Ascalon, and is awarded the prestigious 'Master of challenges' discord title.

    Master's Mastermind:

    In the rare event that my hoarding challenge is defeated mid week, a pre searing based 20 question quiz will be conjured up. One attempt per person, 20/20 to win, first correct entry wins. Yes there are trick questions, yes there are misleading questions, yes it really is one attempt per person, yes I will enjoy every failed attempt and the heartache that follows. You must consider every possibility and study every red iris flower before attempting one of these elusive exams, but the reward of black dyes and the 'Master of challenges' title are certainly worth it.

    Charr speed run leader boards:

    Think you have what it takes to be the fastest in pre? Check out the Charr leader boards channel for more details. Multiple categories to enter and many prizes to be won!

    I am always thinking of new event possibilities for the future and the Giveaways will continue forever, so if you feel like putting down your BDS's and picking up your Starter gear once more, head on over and join our pre searing community discord :). I'd like to give a big thankyou to the team over on the global discord for helping us promote our events, and also a big thankyou to all of you. Pre or post, all of you in both sides of the searing are keeping the game we all know and love alive, these events and giveaways are a little way of saying thankyou for being such a great community.

    Hope to see you all soon! <3

    Master Storage