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  • That wasn't a bump bro

  • Heya! It's not letting me make a new thread. How do I make a new one?

    • Hello,

      Regarding your thread in Price Check?

      Have a read of the Xunlai Rules.

      • If you have new items to price check make a new thread, do NOT add them to an old thread or delete contents of the original post of a price check thread as these should be available for future references.

      • To close a price check thread simply add the word CLOSED to the title or at the top of the first post. DO NOT DELETE anything from either the title or the contents of the thread.

      Once you have changed the title to ADD the word "Closed" a Mod will close the thread and you will be able to make a new one. Do not post in the thread if you are closing it, just change the title.



    • Very much thanks! I'll give a read - appreciate its!

  • Thank you for your help :)

  • BATH SALTS!!! <3

  • Used to be in Servants of Fortuna?

  • I'll be on for a bit right now. Like an hr. If you want to jump on and we can trade.

  • go in game plz