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  • Hi, bsoltan. When you have the time can you contact me in game? Frantic Luvz Toes. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Moderator Bsoltan can you please close my thread on Req.8 Brute Sword thanks a lot . :)

    • Hi Fritz GW, I've closed the thread for you. Thanks.

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    • Hi bsoltan sorry that i fail to mention that the thread i wanted to be close is in the selling section thread. i'd like to close from #1 to #21 thanks a lot. :)

    • Hi Friztz GW,

      It is only possible to close complete threads. I've closed this for you but since you made a recent post I can open it again.

      In the future you can edit the title of the thread to add the word "Closed" then it will be clear for a Moderator to close it.



  • Just a small reminder to close the following thread, no hurry:

    ***CLOSED*** OS Amber Staff q9 Fire 20/20 (256 merch value) ***CLOSED***

    Thx :)

  • Sorry for the early bump :)

    • Can you please help me to close my thread?

      It has the title "CLOSED". I want to creat a new thread, but for this i want to close my old one, but i think i cant do it alone.

      Many Thanks!!! :)

    • Hi, I have closed it for you. :)

    • Thank you :)

  • Hi, could you do me a favor and close the following post by me: "***CLOSED***EL Tonics (Frosty, Cerebral, Searing, Kahmu)***CLOSED***"

    Thx :)

    • Hi n0x, done for you. Sorry must have missed that one. Thanks for the message.

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    • All fine, thx :)

  • delete the whiners posts cause he only got butthurt when I wouldn't say a price on the item someone else was asking about. i could care less about any of them all I was doing was what everyone else does in that thread & that is show my todays rare item

  • Is it considered as a bump if I tell the potential buyers I sold an item in game ?

    Sorry for the mistake anyway

    • Hi Bounty Hunter,

      Yes, any post you make in your own sell thread is considered a bump. You can always edit the first post/other to update for sold items and bids/offers.

      No problem just remember the rules for the future.



  • Sorry. I wrote a comment to give thanks to people and after i closed the post.

    Its my first post and was my failure. Sorry again.

    • Hi CTapioca,

      No problem, just remember the rules for the future and that any post made by you in your thread is considered a bump.

      You can always edit a post instead.



  • Hey thanks for fixing that, I have read the rules but i guess i misinterpreted them.

    Looks as if several others had the same issues as me, any way thanks again.

    • Hi Masticus,

      No problem, yeah it isn't as straight forward as we try and be more flexible with the other trading sections like buy/sell so it can be a bit confusing. We'll see if we can make it a bit clearer.



  • Sorry for not exactly following the rules.
    Was look for this one thing if i should create a new thread or rename the old one. Saw, that i should rather rename it than creating a new one, but didn't see the thing regarding "but in PC create a new thread".

    Should not happen again. :)

    • Hi SgtmGhost, No worries. Thanks for checking them first. It can be a bit confusing and we're working on streamlining the rules a bit so I can understand what you're saying.



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  • Thanks for closing my thread. It’s my first one, and I think when I changed the title it bumped it up. That wasn’t intentional; I just didn’t know how to close it!

    • Hi Dietere,

      No problem. Just familiarise yourself with the rules for the Xunlai section for the future.



  • Hey, obviously it's hard to meet since you never wrote me ingame (I don't have your ign) for the hammer althought I was on more or less every evening for days (maybe different times). However, since you are mod pls close this (perfect req9 platinum wand CLOSED - Price check - Guild Wars Legacy) so I can open another pc, thx! ;)

    • Hi, sorry about that. Are you in-game now? I'm online today.
      No worries will close the thread for you too. :)

      Thanks for the message.

    • I'm ingame atm for a few mins, then back later this evening (about 23 CET)! ;)

    • Cool. My IGN is --- - on now or I'll be sure to be on tonight.

    • I'm waiting, trade has been started^^

  • Hey, ign is Herzog Doenerfisch, online atm for a few mins, then back at about 23 CET for a few mins, maybe see you! ;)

    • Hi, just added you. I'm GMT so hopefully we'll meet up in the week.


  • hi, i closed a thread in the selling section and wanted to make a new one with different items. should i edit the closed thread or wait till it is deleted by the mods to post another one?

    • Hi n0x,

      I've closed the thread for you now. Selling Section threads you can also edit and change with different items if you wish. Only Price Check section doesn't allow edits.

      I usually check at the end of my day for threads to close so sometimes it takes a while to get to them. If I get a notification I can do it sooner.



    • thank you very much

  • hello, can you please close my PC q8 vertebreaker thread from earlier this month? I do apologize for not marking it as closed sooner, life happened.

    • Hi zomp,

      Closed it for you. Thanks!



  • why did you falsely delete my bump? i mean this thread: 4 OS and 1 Q8 i was over a few min after the 24h cut off

    • Hi n0x,

      My apologies, you're right it was removed in error. I've restored it. Thanks for the notification.



  • Thank you for closing my thread

  • Thank you for closing my thread.

  • Sorry about my early bump. I knew about the 1 day wait time for posts on my own thread, it's just been a while since I've used guru so I forgot. My bad!


  • hey i see your signature talking about low req shields. I have a q5/13 crude tactics shield. i put it up on the PC forum and thought i'd ping you directly

    • Hi GoalieLax, thanks for the message. Crude Shield isn't a skin I'm after unfortunately. You can follow the link in my signature to see the skins on my list.



    • ah sorry didn't see it was a link!

  • How am I supposed to let the gwlegacy community know someone is plagiarising other peoples work if you are telling me to Private Message them; makes 0 sense. Seems like every post I make an admin is on my dick.

    feedback is allowed on service posts, you just trashed it for no reason, GG.

    • Hi Grant West,

      Feedback is only allowed on a Service post if you have first requested a Service.

      The intention of Feedback is to be for the service provided, not the content of the thread.

      Hopefully players can sort any issues out between themselves rather than trashing threads.


  • Delete my fucking account. The mods on this forum are so fucking retarded they'd struggle to find their ass with both hands.

  • I have to wait 24 hours to reply to someone on a thread?

    Are you serious or just stupid?

    • Hi, yes as per the rules in the Xunlai trade section you can only bump and therefore post in your Buy/Sell thread once every 24hrs.

      1. Rules on Bumping

      • Any post by you in your own thread is considered a bump.

      • Upon making your new thread, you must wait 24 hours or more before posting again in that thread.

      • Once you have submitted a new post, you must wait another 24 hours before posting again in that thread.


  • Delete my account thanks this shits annoying with salty ass mods bye

  • What is non bid deleted? Lol it's friend from game didn't know can't have fun here.

    • Hi Wza, I suggest keeping your fun with friends to in-game.

      Please read the Xunlai Rules:

      4. Non bids

      • Post a bid or do not post.

      • Advice, questions and comments should be done via private message, ingame whispers, or email.

      • Any post that does not contain a clear and legitimate bid is considered to be a non-bid post.


  • Hi I'm new and dont know how to delete old thread because it wouldn't let me start a new one so I've been editing old one.

  • hey sry I forgot my thread you closed can you unlock it so I can edit it & rebump thx

  • I attempted to close my sale thread at a previous time by editing. I had to bump close because it never got closed by mods...

    • Hi
      It is hard to notice edits on threads that are very old such as yours. In the future I suggest messaging a Mod or posting here as you've just done rather than not following the rules. No problem though, it is closed now.


  • The point of a forum is to be able to respond to the ones who respond to you. If replying to a comment is considered a "bump" how the hell can u operate this site or get others to see the post... seems unreasonable.

    • Hi SoloMentality,

      The Xunlai rules are there to make it a fair platform for everyone. You can still contact people through in-game or forum Message, but you must wait 24hrs to post in sell/buy/service threads. Price Checks are more open and allow some response to questions but any post that is just a bump must be 24hrs after your last post in that thread. I suggest having a look around other threads to see how users manage.

      Please review all the Xunlai Rules:


    • I can understand taking a post down if it contains spam/bots/or any negative impact but taking down entire posts based on one misuse of your site rules is a bit ridiculous. I spent 1h preparing that post, literally just created this account a matter of days ago and as a first time user here, and now I'm going to have to repost it because of a MINOR mistake that didn't fit your agenda? I saw others bumping theirs so I did same to mine as I felt it was not getting any attention/responses, even after checking it the following day. (which in my time zone, the bump was the following day so forgive me if i didnt realize it wasnt within your "24h" period.)

    • additionally, you took down a post that was a price check and flagged it as a bump... when i didnt even write bump in the post/response at all? What is all that about...

    • Hello,

      If you want to use the forum then please familiarise yourself with the rules, it would have been a good idea to do this before making a thread or post.

      None of your threads have been removed, or closed. Two early bump posts were removed. The post made in the price check had also been restored soon after it was removed. You can continue to keep your threads going in line with the rules.


  • That wasn't a bump bro