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  • i've made a mistake, i wanted to report a comment but instead of report i quoted it and i can't delete my own post... can u do it pls? bc it makes an up by accident

    • I think I found and Removed the post.

  • can u remove my from selling section pls, too early

  • thanks, post closed faster than when a request is made

  • what can be done when people make bids but wont pay up at the end of a auction?

    • Hi Nevoc,

      Short answer: Nothing. All trades are between the players.

      Players, both buyers and sellers using the forum are free to trade or not trade as they see fit. They can accept or reject trades and offers.



    • so people can bid on everything and wast peoples time ?

    • I guess its possible. I've never known it to be an issue.

      Moderating actual trades isn't something we do here, it's just a platorm to advertise and hopefully both sides are honest enough to make a trade.

  • Please close my thread. Thank you

  • could u tell me from which game in know your avatar again? :D nostalgic energies.

  • Good afternoon the ornate shield is yours just let me know when you want to pick it up IGN old gray dude

    • Hi, I'm in GMT+1 I'll be around most of the weekend though so hopefully can meet up. Thanks!

  • really dont see how responding to another player is considered a "bump"

    • Hi, if you check the Xunlai Rules, you will see that:

      1. Rules on Bumping

      Any post by you in your own thread is considered a bump.

      • Upon making your new thread, you must wait 24 hours or more before posting again in that thread.

      • Once you have submitted a new post, you must wait another 24 hours before posting again in that thread.

      • When posting a bump, you may add any text you wish, within reason.

      • You are free to edit bumps just like your original post.



  • Hello there :)

    I saw you bought all Militia shields Q0 AR 8 purples so i was wondering if you would mind to sell me atlast one?
    I would be ready to pay it even double...Best regards!

    IGN : Death Lotus Arrow

    • Hi, I bid on quite a few but only won/bought one so I don't have multiples. I'll try and remember to keep an eye out for you if another one pops up.

    • Thanks alot mate, appreciate! I pay like i said <3

    • I would even pay to you 250e for instant buy your shield :) Let me know if you would do that for me. It's my favorite skin shield and looking for one for a while! :)

  • Re-read the rules , my bad

  • could you open my sell thread back up so I can edit it and bring ut back up top ty

    • Hi Flint Lightning, sorry I've been on vacation so missed this.

      Looks like you've created a new thread now. :)

    • Cosy opened it up for me all good bud lol

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  • hey how do I delete/close my post :)

    • Hi, I've closed the thread for you.

      Normally editing the title to add "Closed" is the best way, then a Mod can find it to Close, but it won't be instant.

      You can always check the Xunlai Rules:

      7. Maintaining and Closing threads

      Closing Threads:

      • ADD closed to the thread title (optional: Write CLOSED at the TOP of the original post).

      • Do not edit the rest of the thread title to indicate the thread is closed. Leave it as is.

      • Remember: Do not bump your thread to the front to say "closed", this will result in an infraction.



  • sorry it hough you wpouldnt make this much diffence between 23 and 24 hours

  • Hey mate would u mind closing my selling post please

  • Sorry m8 was just replying to him

  • Hey man how do i post a new selling thread., I think you deleted my last one because I bumped too early

  • Same reaction, please ban this flaredrip. He is a known scammer and keeps harassing me!

    • If there is a problem with another user please send a Message to the moderators, don't use a Wall message.

      Provide any evidence of harrassment and evidence of other information to help speed up the resolution.



  • Dude I been messaging you for a whole day to ban the guy using my irl photo named Niqtler and you havent responded to any messages I gave you on discord nor have you replied back to me on the facebook GWLegacy page. Max Borken gets mad at me for using profanity to express my frustration that an idiot with no life doxxed my photo and you arent doing your job to prevent people from attacking people on this page. He literally blew up my wall as HouseRocks and once he gets banned he comes back with another account named Niqtler with my profile picture attatched to it. Do something please, its been literally over 24 hours and I have reported this multiple times and nobody has taken any sort of action over this offense!!

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  • Hi, bsoltan. When you have the time can you contact me in game? Frantic Luvz Toes. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Moderator Bsoltan can you please close my thread on Req.8 Brute Sword thanks a lot . :)

    • Hi Fritz GW, I've closed the thread for you. Thanks.

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    • Hi bsoltan sorry that i fail to mention that the thread i wanted to be close is in the selling section thread. i'd like to close from #1 to #21 thanks a lot. :)

    • Hi Friztz GW,

      It is only possible to close complete threads. I've closed this for you but since you made a recent post I can open it again.

      In the future you can edit the title of the thread to add the word "Closed" then it will be clear for a Moderator to close it.



  • Just a small reminder to close the following thread, no hurry:

    ***CLOSED*** OS Amber Staff q9 Fire 20/20 (256 merch value) ***CLOSED***

    Thx :)

  • Sorry for the early bump :)

    • Can you please help me to close my thread?

      It has the title "CLOSED". I want to creat a new thread, but for this i want to close my old one, but i think i cant do it alone.

      Many Thanks!!! :)

    • Hi, I have closed it for you. :)

    • Thank you :)

  • Hi, could you do me a favor and close the following post by me: "***CLOSED***EL Tonics (Frosty, Cerebral, Searing, Kahmu)***CLOSED***"

    Thx :)

    • Hi n0x, done for you. Sorry must have missed that one. Thanks for the message.

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    • All fine, thx :)

  • delete the whiners posts cause he only got butthurt when I wouldn't say a price on the item someone else was asking about. i could care less about any of them all I was doing was what everyone else does in that thread & that is show my todays rare item

  • Is it considered as a bump if I tell the potential buyers I sold an item in game ?

    Sorry for the mistake anyway

    • Hi Bounty Hunter,

      Yes, any post you make in your own sell thread is considered a bump. You can always edit the first post/other to update for sold items and bids/offers.

      No problem just remember the rules for the future.



  • Sorry. I wrote a comment to give thanks to people and after i closed the post.

    Its my first post and was my failure. Sorry again.

    • Hi CTapioca,

      No problem, just remember the rules for the future and that any post made by you in your thread is considered a bump.

      You can always edit a post instead.



  • Hey thanks for fixing that, I have read the rules but i guess i misinterpreted them.

    Looks as if several others had the same issues as me, any way thanks again.

    • Hi Masticus,

      No problem, yeah it isn't as straight forward as we try and be more flexible with the other trading sections like buy/sell so it can be a bit confusing. We'll see if we can make it a bit clearer.



  • Sorry for not exactly following the rules.
    Was look for this one thing if i should create a new thread or rename the old one. Saw, that i should rather rename it than creating a new one, but didn't see the thing regarding "but in PC create a new thread".

    Should not happen again. :)

    • Hi SgtmGhost, No worries. Thanks for checking them first. It can be a bit confusing and we're working on streamlining the rules a bit so I can understand what you're saying.



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  • Thanks for closing my thread. It’s my first one, and I think when I changed the title it bumped it up. That wasn’t intentional; I just didn’t know how to close it!

    • Hi Dietere,

      No problem. Just familiarise yourself with the rules for the Xunlai section for the future.



  • Hey, obviously it's hard to meet since you never wrote me ingame (I don't have your ign) for the hammer althought I was on more or less every evening for days (maybe different times). However, since you are mod pls close this (perfect req9 platinum wand CLOSED - Price check - Guild Wars Legacy) so I can open another pc, thx! ;)

    • Hi, sorry about that. Are you in-game now? I'm online today.
      No worries will close the thread for you too. :)

      Thanks for the message.

    • I'm ingame atm for a few mins, then back later this evening (about 23 CET)! ;)

    • Cool. My IGN is --- - on now or I'll be sure to be on tonight.

    • I'm waiting, trade has been started^^