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    Hey all! We decided to wait until after the holidays to publish the letter. We felt that it would be better received by Anet at this time. So now that the holidays are over, stay tuned! bsoltan

    Thanks for the reply. It might be nice to address the lack of communication and information on recent bans that seem to be effecting many people.…_of_a_weird_code_045_ban/…uz7/falsely_parma_banned/…srq5/good_luck_out_there/

    Also the update which created a load of bugs which are still in the process of trying to be fixed…bugs_from_recent_updates/

    Yes, the GW update changing the compiler has broken many of the third party programs, tools, bots etc.

    KAOS is currently working on updates to the launcher, I think a version is available which is being tested. If you.

    They're currently working on Toolbox updates and a beta is out for that too..

    You can get latest info in their Discord.

    I saw someone say that it broke GWdressup. I understand GWMultiLaunch still works.

    Hi Veritas,

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    There we go!

    You can't be serious right ?
    Did you ever checked the List of Bugs and Anomalies at GW Wiki ? I can accept the clipping and the armor issues but the skill ones please don't tell me that they are not important.

    In your post you said "continue making updates/fixing stuff in the game" - I'm aware there are minor bugs with certain things but I'm not aware that any of these have ever been fixed or considered to be fixed in the last year since we got some quality of life updates. Maybe it is just my misunderstanding of your sentence.

    The only one I can think of is the 'fix' for certain skill use by AI, which could be considered a bug I suppose.

    Since most of these other bugs have been in the game for many years I doubt there is consideration for fixing them now. Would be good if they did though!

    Welcome back!

    Depending on when you last played, no the game hasn't changed much at all.

    There hasn't been a skill balance since Elementalists in 2012. Last major content update was 2015 anniversary update.

    Most recently there was a few quality of life/UI/graphical improvements in 2019.

    You can see the game updates here: GW Wiki Game Updates.

    Regarding builds you'll find Hero builds in our Team Builds section, and on GW PvX.

    For your player builds; from what you've mentioned Assassin is probably optimal, then Dervish (Dervish higher if you have skill to ball enemies regularly). With Ranger the best DPS is Daggers anyway so you may as well play Assassin.

    Best of luck on your return!

    This was shared by /u/crisisknight on Reddit but thought I'd make a thread for awareness here too.

    ArenaNet are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the studio's creation by producing an art book that spans GW and GW2 art and concept art. It is being created by Dark Horse.

    To be released in March 2020.

    History of ArenaNet:…th-Anniversary-Edition-HC…_20th_Anniversary_Edition


    Explore the living history of Tyria through an expansive collection of never-before-seen concept art, production material, and creator commentary from Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 that offers exclusive insight into an ever-changing world inhabited by millions of players! The continuing growth of the Guild Wars franchise is lovingly detailed by the ArenaNet artists themselves in a volume that commemorates the studio's 20th anniversary.

    Amazon US - $35.99

    Amazon UK - £34.99

    If you find any other stores please post below.

    I would certainly like to ask about having an official community contact for GW1. Stephane still updates the wiki when Bill released updates, someone still does the Twitter and Facebook when GW goes on sale (probably Stephane too), but no one interacts with the community to give some transparency and and support to the players and results in threads like this.

    Can we continue to expect GW and store items to go on sale around holidays/events? Is this the preferred choice over a permanent price reduction?

    I agree with the above that with Bill leaving and no answer from Anet about it we just don't know if QoL changes are still being looked at or are we back to 2017/18 with server maintenance only.

    Similarly as mentioned about bots in PvP and Gold Sellers. They gave us a chat filter which would indicate that they're not that bothered about permanently stopping this or actively removing these users from the game. Without giving an official answer that they won't.

    Ideally if we could get any questions/answers I'd ask about how reports are handled. We've talked about reporting them for way over a year now. Is it actually worth it? Does anyone look/action it. We don't need to know detailed specifics.

    Then some more fun questions:

    Is there going to be anything special for ArenaNet's 20th anniversary, and GW's 15th anniversary?

    Did they expect GW to remain this popular coming up to 15 years from release?

    What is the future for the franchise, is it 100% GW2 or is there are GW3 in the distance, or maybe something else entirely?

    What games do they see as their main competitors now and in the future?

    One simply but rly crucial question for me:

    Are they going to continue making updates/fixing stuff in the game ?

    I doubt they gonna give any straight answer (insert marketing bs here) but you never know, let's hope ?

    Was there actually anything broken in the game that has needed fixing? QoL updates were made, yes but I'm not aware they was any problems/fixes put in.

    If anything, they'll give another developer the option to do it in their free time. I doubt they'll use company resources for it.

    Since March 2019 Bill Friest was already able to do GW1 development in his work time and even confirmed that he had got another developer involved to work on things. So they were already using company resources for 6 months.

    for me i will ask :will there be a new mini pet, tonic and new emote in the same style rank ha,zaishen... or not?

    Well. Their answer on new content for the game since it went to maintenance mode has always been "No". Out of curiosity what mini pet/tonic would you want and what is the rank emote supposed to be for?

    Spirit Spammer

    The most popular general farm build, and the default for most farms, is the Spirit Spammer Ritualist. Spirits provide not just a continuous barrage of single target damage, but also several distracting bodies for you to hide behind so your enemies don't kill you. Spirits are immune to hexes and most conditions, so their only real counter is damage, but they can easily be healed and moved out of harm's way, or just replaced if they die. The real drawback is that spirits strictly deal single target damage, making them relatively slow, and sometimes incapable of overpowering healers.



    Flashing Blades Assassin

    Against small groups of melee enemies, a Flashing Blades Assassin Dagger Spam can excel.

    Key Skills

    Spamming the [Jagged Strike] Jagged Strike -> [Fox Fangs] Fox Fangs -> [Death Blossom] Death Blossom attack chain deals exceptional single target damage, and the build has room for plenty of defensive optional skills.


    The greatest threat is having these defences removed, or simply taking too much damage from the enemies before you are able to kill them.



    55 Monk

    A popular but somewhat outdated farming build is the 55 Monk.

    Key Skills

    Having low health and using [Protective Spirit] Protective Spirit effectively removes any danger from damage, so you can tank as many enemies as you want, with a free Elite Skill and other optionals to kill them.


    This is entirely dependent on Protective Spirit not getting stripped; in areas with no enchantment removal, Vow of Strenth may be a better choice anyway. Still, the effective invincibility and opportunity to use this on any character with secondary monk can make this a nice choice for some farms.



    Obsidian Flesh Elementalist

    Against enemies without dangerous attacks, an Obsidian Flesh Elementalist has extremely high damage potential.

    Key Skills

    [Obsidian Flesh@12] Obsidian Flesh removes the threat from spells and [Stoneflesh Aura@12] Stoneflesh Aura neutralises any remaining damage.

    With enemies unable to cast, [Wastrel's Worry@12] Wastrel's Worry and [Wastrel's Demise@12] Wastrel's Demise are free to deal huge AoE damage over time.


    Unfortunately this build is very vulnerable to attacks; interrupts, stance removal, health degen, and just too much damage can easily get you killed.