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    I think this is the thread mentioned: Help me understand weapon pricing?

    Red Fireball did a rough summary on shield price checks in a thread yesterday I thought was handy:

    You might also find this Drops Guide handy: Valuable Skins, Mods, and GW Drops Guide

    After reading everything including the Discord, I have only 1 concern: is not strange that no one discovered this when the gw.dat was dumped entirely finding all the discarded content like the old gods (Arachnia), etc?

    I say this because, perhaps, the hidden weapon is not necessarily a "new" weapon, only a normal quest reward weapon like any other, but hidden. If the weapon has a different or exclusive name like a green from a boss, then when the gw.dat was dumped someone should have seen it.

    Since we have no idea what kind of "weapon" it is there's no way to know what to look for. It could also be reused texture/icon from something else in the game.

    Subsequent tweets and post reserving:

    This is a fun thread for devs and gamers alike.

    I added a note about the [still unfound?] weapon we hid in Guild Wars because I still feel a little guilty for having QA test it and, knowing what I do about puzzle design now, I think we could have made the hunt better.

    Grinning face with smiling eyes

    This is a very good question! I...don't recall. I checked with one of my ex-QA buddies and...he doesn't recall. I think we're gonna need to call on somebody who both worked on it and is still at ANet, like Robert Gee or Joe Kimmes. Maybe hit up their talk page on the wiki.

    I can tell you that some of the clues were hella obscure and even potentially misleading, like when Xunlai Archivist Jonemon talks about "...if the Gods didn't shine their grace upon us..." the clues isn't about needing the GRACE of the Gods but...something else.

    We added the item and the trigger mechanism at the same time as we added the NPCs in 2013. No need to dig back too far. Heck, I don't know how many people outside the Live Team at that point knew about it. [Can't give everything away (in part because I don't remember it all), but I don't want to see y'all beating your heads against 16 years of content.]

    Oh my Dwayna, no, this is not a Mini Polar Bear situation. Meeting the conditions should produce a 100% success rate of triggering...the thing. 😅 (...with only this caveat.)

    I don't think I'm giving too much away to say the only dialogues that pertain to the Easter egg are those of the Xunlai Archivists.

    This discussion started on Discord today, and I recently made a post to Reddit:…_wayfarers_reverie_rumor/

    This has now been solved! New unique weapon discovered:
    A new boss + mob spawn too on the cliff outside Sifhala.

    On 12 April user Horrible in the GW Global Discord noticed a Wiki edit by former ArenaNet Designer Matthew Moore.

    This edit was on the Talk Page of the Wayferer's Reverie responding to an anonymous comment made 25 August 2020.

    I heard from somebody who heard from an ex-dev that the Xunlai Archivists are a riddle or something. Some of the references overlap, like there are two maps with Kilroy and vaettir. Not sure about the cupcake.

    Well, I was going to create a new note, seeing as I admitted as much on Twitter

    today, but I'll just confirm this person was onto something. My apologies to the other devs for spoiling the secret (if we were still keeping it a secret), to the community for my part in hiding it without leaving more hints and confirmations, and especially to our QA for making 'em test something nobody would find for years. If you all get stuck looking for it and you need more hints, ask Joe Kimmes. Ha!

    Matthew Moore is linking a Twitter post he made on 11 April 2021, replying to "respond with the best Easter eggs you ever hid in a game!"

    There's a weapon hidden in the original Guild Wars that I don't think anyone's found yet. We hid some clues in the dialogues of some wiki editor tribute NPCs who only show up during the Wayfarer's Reverie, but...I think we hid it too well. Too poorly? Could have done it betta.

    The NPCs are the eight Xunlai Archivists.

    According to the anonymous poster, it could involve Kilroy, vaettir and cupcakes.

    Joe Kimmes/old Live Team are the ones to can provide more hints and information.


    • A "weapon", hidden in GW that no one has found yet.(?)
    • Clues are in the dialogues of some of the wiki editor tribute NPCs who only show up during the Wayferer's Reverie.(?)

    Some of us have been discussing this on Discord.

    The main summary of information is in this Google Doc and updated on the Reddit thread.

    Legacy, what do you think: Is it all made up? Can we narrow down what this hidden weapon may be? Anyone (work out how to) find it?

    Ranger is one of if not the most powerful professions in Pre-Searing.

    Ignite arrows + Max bow should give you plenty of DPS. You should have the Nevermore Flatbow if you have the GotY edition.

    Elementalist probably isn't going to help you out so much unfortunately. Warrior is usually a common secondary for Frenzy. You would also use Melee weapon skills too.

    For Elementalist the most useful skill is Firestorm so you just need the energy pool.

    Ranger should also be quite tanky vs Pre foes. Make sure to pre-cast Troll Unguent it will help keep your health up in the first stages of a fight.

    Vanguard quest +armor would have been a benefit. Those that want to farm often stick at level 19 for the Imp and the +armor.

    Oh yeah I thought we had some 3D printed stuff on this forum:

    Hi, welcome back.

    1. Material price checks can be done via the Traders; look at the buy price and if you can the sell price and somewhere between that is what players trade for.

    People generally trade in stacks of materials these days but you may occasionally find people buying/selling other amounts.

    2. If people don't want to spend the time accumulating a stack of materials or waiting for a buyer then it is quite common to sell materials to the Trader.

    3. This is going to be incredibly subjective a different person to person, and depend on what you're farming. Take a look at the sell threads on the forum to see what people keep to try and sell. Most of it is non-inscribable (OS) from Factions+Prophecies.

    Any materials that go into making Consumables/Consets: Bone, Dust, Feather, Iron, Granite.

    Runes and Insignia that have a high value - a lot can be sold directly to Trader though.

    It's probably best to just make a price check thread - discussion in the thread can happen - you can answer and ask questions - and if you explain you're after feedback on how to use the items not just sell them it would be worthwhile.

    Could be that some are worth selling if you're not into the weapons and just want to gear your heroes/characters.

    You can host an image on another site and link to it if it's a large image, use a service like, alternatively if it's easier can put it into a Google sheet.

    Some great info in this thread. I'll go through it and see what I can add to this:

    I made this guide to try and help with this sort of thing but without going into super level of detail, the Inscribable vs OS summary you gave is kind of the end point of this guide too. :D

    (Any other feedback is welcomed there).

    It's very useful for new (and old) players coming into the game to understand where the market is regarding weapons, mods etc.