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  • Check your pm :)

  • Check your pm ;)

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  • hey lmk if want to pick up air wand 10/10 3e

    Olav De Derv

  • Shadow staff Q9 Spawing Power reduce half the cast time of divine favor (sexy useless dual one) 10e

    PM in game : Hombre Derviche

  • Hey, still want the q9 spawning 20% prot shadow staff?

    IGN: Kirlia Tenebreuse

  • Holy rod q13 df 2020 heals yours for 2a if you want it ign I teach monk

  • Dead Bow is yours ign name steady heals

    • Let me know when you are on

  • Good afternoon the zodiac sword is yours just let me know when you would like to meet up IGN is old gray dude

  • when are you online or whats your ign so i can check if your online

    • my ign is speed clear ele, I can try to be online by tomorrow

    • sorry sold it already since werent online for like 4 days and i needed the money

  • still waiting for u too come online and pay for ur item u won ur bid on

    many thanks josh

  • That hammer mod is all yours if you want it!

  • What?


  • I reserved the Destroyer for u, I hope see u on weekend, OK?