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  • When will you be on so I can get the piercing echo? :) I’m NA so haven’t seen you on yet

    • I’m heading home from work now. Will be available in about 1 hour :)

  • hello b/o iridescent q9 tac +30 -2we?

    • Will add r/b and b/o in a few days

  • hello, you win #2 item in my auction. IGN Sw Fish Boy

    • Give me like 1h to hope on! Will text you ingame!

  • Do you still need the purple trim? I can get one within 24-48 hours if you want to pre-order

    • Noo i’m all good, thx for your reply though! :)

  • I am online now for the bladed, IGN: Trace The Dreadful

    • texted you ingame. :)
      waiting for your response!

    • Hey didn't see anything come through on my character, weird. I am in Kama aed3

  • hey u here

  • hello price b/o amber q9 tac +30 +10 demon

    • Idea was to sell it to the highest bit in around 1 week. Might get a b/o out until then but very busy atm