Turear Nareiva vs. Rytlock Brimstone at Königssee

  • Hi,

    my entry is kind of a stretch. If it doesnt meet the somewhat vague criteria, I will gladly retract it or hand in some other shots.

    First, the link to the Album

    As you can see, I didn't print out my character on a sheet of paper, but with my 3D printer.
    I did several versions, but only this version was decent enough to be worked with.

    GW models weren't designed for 3D printing, and I don't really know enough about CAD to split the models into parts that are easier to print.
    Plus my printer is a very cheap one and I couldn't get rid of the stringing between support material and the model, so some detail was lost.
    I had to add some filler to get rid of some bad parts, but this led to even less detail. The model was a pain to sand, so the paint job could not get that much better.

    The spikes of the Primeval Armor broke off, so I had to replace them with nails I cut to size and fixed them to the model by heating them up and pressing them into the model. Kinda worked ok.

    I am not really satisfied with how the print came out, so I will definetly do more prints of him. Currently I am rebuilding my 3D printer so hopefully I will be able to print in much better quality in a few weeks.
    I currently lack the time to finish my printer and print a better version, so this will have to do it for the contest. Plus it's not too bad.

    I really hope for more entries by others, like this contest deserves.

    Good luck to all,