Running Service : Vanquishing / Mission / Outpost / Fowarmor / Ascension

  • Hi everybody.

    I already propose in game several running service to several player.

    Posting a thread here, if anyone interested : Pm on gwlegacy or in gw : Lidana Lania / Anubis Memphis



    - La > Droknar : 30e

    - LA > Thunderhead keep or marhan : 45E

    - LA > Toa : 15e

    - Ascalon > LA : 30e ( or vise versa)

    - Desert crystal mission from oasis : 30e / from Sanctum cay : 45E

    - Droknar > Granit Citadel : 20e


    Fulloutpost from Eye of the north : 45e

    Fulloutpost from LA/KC/KAma : 55


    - Kaineng Center > Boreas seabord : 65e

    - Kaineng Center > Leviathan : 100e

    - Kaineng Center > Harvest temple : 115e

    - Harvest Temple > Arborstone : 45e

    Fow armor run : 25E
    I Do all the quest for you, u just need to wait at Forgemaster ( Cannot afk during the time we reach forgemaster)

    Ascension Run : 80e

    Need Gw Factions, i run you Quest and Vizunah/Naphui missions

    Mission : Will be more detailled soon

    Average Cost : Prof : 25e/ea nm / 35e/ea hm

    Fcts : 20e/ea nm 30e/ea hm

    NF : 20e/ea nm 30e/ea hm ( ofc minder for some missions like Grand Court)

    Vanquishing :

    Will be more detailled Soon

    Average Cost : Prof : 15e ( smaller area ) - 50E biggest area ( Talus for exemple )

    : Fcts : 20-40e

    : NF : 20-50e ( joko domains)

    : Gwen 30- 65e ( Drakkar lake)

    Will be more detailled soon,

    U can AFK for all run, i only Ask for Vampiric Weapon. ( can lend you some if u don't have, caution : 10e)

    U can contact me via gw legacy, This thread or in game : Lidana Lania / Lidana ritual

    If u have a special run request, we can try to find a solution together.


  • Prepaid for about 15 VQ's, did them all while I slept. Then prepaid for I think ~20 HM missions.. This took a few days but I really didn't care.

    Good runner - would recommend.

    ****mod edit---you must FIRST request the service BEFORE you can leave feedback--READ the Xunlai Market Rules to avoid any actions against your account--this is a warning!--mod edit***

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  • Need LA->toa run, will be online for a bit tonight around 9pm est if you can make it!


    took 2x la-> toa runs, 1x ascension run, 1x fowarmor run - very smooth service, highly recommend!

    ign Slow Acid

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