Pre-Searing Miniature Kuunavang and Varesh [CE mini's] *SALE ENDED, MAY CLOSE*

  • Hello dear people.

    With kind of an ache in my heart, I've decided to sell both my precious miniatures.

    I'm looking for Post currency.

    Mini Kuunavang in Pre-Searing:
    S/B 30a.
    C/O 190 Pre BD's (Thread on Preboards).
    B/O 45a.

    Mini Varesh in Pre-Searing:
    S/B 15a.
    B/O 30a.

    -I reserve the right not to sell any item for any reason-

    We will use a Trade Moderator, unless you want to go first.

    Thanks and take care!

    edit (added by mod):

    The sale has ended.

    For reference to people who want to sell their mini's, I will leave the values here;

    Mini Kuunavang: Sold for 2500e, 4a and 29 Pre BD's.


    110e = 1a.

    6BD = 1a.

    Total sale value: 31,56a.

    Mini Varesh: Sold for 100 Pre BD's.

    ****MOD EDIT---do NOT bump your thread to close it (or say sold). EDIT your top post. PLEASE READ the Xunlai Market rules on bumping!! THIS IS A WARNING---MOD EDIT***

    Reach for the unreachable. But above all, have fun doing it.

    ~IGN: Nicholas Romanyx~

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