hero team for beginners

  • This is a team build for players with brand new accounts. Whether you're a GW veteran or just started playing for the first time, you'll be able to put this team together from an early level, and at minimal cost. It uses no elite skills, requires no special equipment, and it'll work with whatever player build you want to run (although you probably shouldn't run a healer or double up any of the spirits). You can start using this as soon as you're ascended (so you can buy the skills) and have the heroes.




    Ogden Stonehealer:









    [build=Sousuke: OghCgKPTW9bo00hejwBt4iB]



    Once you've progressed a bit further, you can replace Vekk's build with Master of Whispers and M.O.X. with Xandra.


    Master of Whispers:




    Remember to have your low level heroes in the party when accepting quest rewards, so they also gain the experience. As they level up, put more points in their most important attributes. If you get any useful equipment drops, do put them on the heroes, but you probably shouldn't waste any money on gear, unless you're working towards a more advanced team. As you unlock good elite skills (such as Energy Surge) and useful heroes (Norgu, Livia, Razah), you can upgrade the team for higher level content.

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  • Just wanted to say that the Skill template code for MOX is not working.

    I recreated it ingame and got this one, which works for me.


    Thanks for the guide :).

  • I have a question, do you have any builds for the upgraded heroes? I have Norgu but not the other two. I'd like to level up faster with better builds too. :)

  • Thanks Misty. I picked up a fresh account a few weeks ago and this is coming in really handy. Starting to get to the point in Factions where the henchmen builds aren't really cutting it anymore. I'm looking forward to see how this pans out! ^^