PC on various OS weapons (Plagueborn, Bo Staff, Outcast)

  • Hello!

    I want to buy some weapons, but I wouldn't know in the slightest what they go for. Would appreciate any help!

    Plagueborn Daggers (Q9-11, +5 energy).

    Plagueborn Sword (Any Q, +5 energy).

    Plagueborn Shield (Any Q, +45^enchanted, -2^enchanted).

    Plagueborn Staff (Any Q in Death Magic, 20/20 Death Magic).

    Outcast Shield (Any Q, +45^enchanted, -2^enchanted).

    Bo Staff (Any Q in Smiting Prayers, 20/20 Smiting Prayers).

    Bladed Shield (Q9-11 Strength, +45^stance, -2^stance).

    Thanks in advance. =)

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  • dags u can get q9 for 10-20e, higher for les

    Sword from q13 being 3-5e up to 150e for q9 id guess

    Shield hard to say, finding one is gonna be rly hard so its up to seller then what he wants

    Death staff id say from q13 being 20-30e up to 500-600e for q9 imo

    outcast same as plague shield

    bo staff imo q13 is like 50e, q9 maybe 10-15a, others between ;P

    Stance bladed i havent seen those mods sell, ever probably there could be few bidding if some sold so who knows

  • agreed with pleikki, those shields will be very very hard to find cuz your by far not the only one who is looking for them ^^

    bo staff is imo worth a bit more ... imo even q13 will cost you 100e+, unless the seller does not appriciate it.


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  • I can say plague shield even at higher q with those mods youll be paying 20a plus even at q 13 even more if it hits this website and not in game.. ive been looking for some time and was able to snag a q 10 tat -2e 30 hp and that ran me some arms

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