Running Service : Ascalon-Marhans

  • Hi there, I have been running since before factions release, having starting as a Mo/R Spellbreaker runner in Southern Shiverpeaks. I would just like to offer runs to whoever needs them, payment not really an issue but tips are appreciated. Just message me in game, Words Like Daggers is my main running characters. Thanks, hope to see you soon. I only run Prophecies.

  • I would like to clarify my post. I am willing to run people the entirety of Prophecies outposts.

    Ascalon - Crystal Desert - Southern Shiverpeaks - Maguma Jungle .

    I don't charge for runs, i just ask that people don't afk. I have been running in game since 2005, and look forward to meeting people.


  • hey there, id need a run from Lions Arch to Southern Shiverpeaks and Crystal Desert :)

    ign: qu xji

    edit: never mind, a friend gave me a run


    ign Qu Xji (pm me here, not online much atm)

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