Error Code =248 - Can't login since June 13th Update

  • Hey,

    whenever I'm trying to login to any Guild Wars 1 account, I'm getting an Error message with the code =248. That code is neither explained nor listed here. I'm having this issues since the update was released this morning. It says:

    "Network error .

    Please check your connection to the Internet and try

    again. (Code=248)"

    Does anyone of you have the same issue / know how to fix this? I've tried the usual procedure that was supposed to help with the new form of authentification; but I don't even receive an activation code or anything, since I can't login at all. My internet works fine elsewhere.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


  • I am running Guild Wars via Crossover on an Apple Device. That program usually always claims to be the admin, as far as I know - so there's no "run as admin" option available.

  • I have the same issue (among others) and my computer has no other choice (there is ONLY admin...old xp computer) yeah, running as admin, can get to log in screen and then code 248 (my other computer is still have serious error has occurred).


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  • Uh, that doesn't rule out problems related to new privilege eval behaviour :-/

    E: XP has a hidden admin roll.

    Did you guys try to patch via -image?

  • no, I was not able to do that (erred out on that).

    I checked on my computers and I AM the admin on both (there are no other users).

    I was able to get in for a bit before the last update (with the -nosound) but alas, now nothing.

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  • Try it with your audio hardware kernel level disabled please, I observed some issues as well but won't be able to turn on Olly until Sunday to take a look

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  • I dont know what you mean (am not a techie person), though I did try with -nosound in the command line (if I understand) and it does not work from that now.

    as for other programs (virus scanners, etc) dont have any of that on these computers.

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