Dual Vamp

  • I mean, even non max damage, worst skin and mod can sell for 10e, since 10e is almost nothing.

    But what sais vizi is true, this bow would ONLY interests some weird collector, and for obscur reasons. It's completely useless. And, most of the time collectors want q9 for such items.

    So yeah, the result is merch (hundreds of gold, "nothing"), but you save time.

    Or 10e ("ALMOST nothing") , and you lose hours in Kama trying to find that weird collector.

    No need to tell you that hours of any farm in game would bring more than 10e

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  • agree with hgt

    Surely someone finds 10e a worthwhile amount., and surely someone finds use for dualvamp bows. :)

    Sold all my highreq dualvamp bow drops so far for decent ectos (guru/legacy), and never merched one.

    No, I'd never bother try to sell it at kama, but to paste item mods on a forum is a effortless sale ^_~

  • u can sell it for 20e+ easy. i know that cause i alrdy sold many dual Vamp bows (high req/ dumb Skins). "post" it in kama - im Pretty sure u will get offers

  • 10e might be nothing to you Jack, but for other ppl 10e is still "something" ... besides, u can still use a dualvamp bow perfectly in my eyes, atleast in pve (for example i use it if some1 does a vq for me), imo only the botters/syncers might only need one hand dualvamp weapons but i have no clue about that tbh. IF u rly want to die very fast equip your armor with -75hp runes then 50hp focus wont make that much of a difference ...


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  • You don't get my point.

    10e is nothing, if you count the time you have to spend to make them farming.

    Let's say, 2h?

    I bet you never find a buyer at 10e for his bow in 2 hours in Kama.

    So, that's why I say better merch that complete garbage weapon (sry, but that's a fact, it is pure trash weapon). Ok, maybe it's better than damage + 15% when you're hexed, agreed. But tell me, who would consider such bow not as merch food?

    IG: jacke l eventreur

  • well then, seems that we disagree :D

    ive sold few dualvamp bows with shit skins & reqs (even 14% ones) for 10-20e+, so did Tutz and other ppl probably too. The use is up to your imagination, maybe for you its useless but for others it might be not. I personaly like the dead bow skin and id say its more rare than the ones ive sold for 10-20e so this is not merch food at all. True there is no point spending 2h+ in kama trying to sell it but if u spam there anyway its worth offering it and opening a thread here does not take 2h ;)

    ... btw imo there is no point in spaming in kama for more than 30min, if you didnt got any interest by then its better to do something else but ofc everybody can decide what to do with there time themselves and thats not part of a price check, so im out of this discussion now

    have fun


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  • Well here are already a few people who do not consider it merch food ^__^

    Who says this bow was farmed? Maybe it dropped while the focus was entirely on sth else than farming a dead bow.


  • I am closing this as this is moving away from a price check and into a discussion about what people think 'is worth it' (for the record 1e IS worth it for me, well it would be if I could play....)


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