Give-away in Pre-searing and in Lion's Arch

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm organising a give-away again ( month of May). 2 different locations, different rewards. -When? On this Saturday(07.07.), 21:00(Central-European timezone) -Where? Lion's Arch and Ascalon(pre-searing) - american district

    -What you need to do? - Give a good answer to one of my questions(GW related) and be as quick as possible, because the first 3 people get the rewards at each question.

    Pre-searing rewards: - black dyes ( got around 45 atm) - It's the currency in pre, worth 15-20e each. - charr bags - charr salvage kits - runes

    Lion's Arch rewards: - ectos ( 1500+) - consets - minipets, tonics - gifts of the traveler

    If you have a good question, what you would share, please contact me here: I accept donations as well. I will start the event in pre-searing! I hope to see many of you there :)