Eye of the North Speedbooking

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    Taking a break bc of Reallife. Open Orders will be delivered as good as possible

    Prices adjusted, discount system improved (30th July)

    Greetings, im here to offer you the service of Speedbooking:

    What is Speedbooking?

    Speedbooking is a method of farming Eye of the North Reputation by filling 3 sites of the Hero's Handbook [Hard Mode].

    Each book with 3 sites filled, will reward you with:

    • 3000 Reputation Points of Choice
    • 6000 Experience
    • 600 Gold

    I prefere to run with 2-3 customers at the same time, thats why you get huge discounts if it works out.

    You don't have to do anything, i try to get as many customers in the group when we start.

    So you have your price but can get it cheaper if willing to wait for other customers. If you bring a friend you get the discount of course as well and dont have to wait!

    Leave me a note with your time windows in which you would be avaible or hit me up ingame.

    I'm playing in UTC+2 timezone

    IGN: Shiro Fujiwar


    Book price (choose your currency)

    24 Platinum.png22 Lockpick.png6 Zaishen_Key.png8 Glob_of_Ectoplasm.png

    Objects Discount
    3 or more books - 5%
    2 ppl - 15%
    3 ppl - 20%
    4 ppl - 25%

    Price examples

    Total price: -5% - 3 books / single person (choose your currency)

    69 Platinum.png63 Lockpick.png17 Zaishen_Key.png23 Glob_of_Ectoplasm.png

    Total price: -30% - 3 books / 3 persons per book (price for each person) (choose your currency)

    54 Platinum.png49 Lockpick.png14 Zaishen_Key.png18 Glob_of_Ectoplasm.png


    Full EOTN Story Rush NM
    (choose your currency)

    360Platinum.png 325 Lockpick.png90Zaishen_Key.png120 Glob_of_Ectoplasm.png 2 Armbrace_of_Truth.png

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  • Orders

    Date IGN Subject of order
    19.07.2018 Forest Within 8 x HM
    20.07.2018 Xix Bloodthirsty Xi 4 x HM
    20.07.2018 teh black knight 3 x HM
    22.07.2018 Ishi Yoichi 50 x HM
    26.07.2018 legendary duck 10 x HM
    26.07.2018 Wydz Mezzes Out 90 x HM
    30.07.2018 Dr Lancemy Full EOTN Story Rush NM

    Sell History

    Date IGN Subject of order
    15.07.2018 Escanor O Keaz Full EOTN Story Rush NM
    17.07.2018 Take Pen 14 x HM


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  • Interested in 9-10 books IGN: legendary duck

    Also will do a story rush.

    im usually available anytime weekends

    and evenings during the week but i am Mountain Time (MT) so could be a problem during the week to catch you on.

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  • I'm interested/in need of about 87-90 books if thats possible for you lol

    PM me if you see me online and we can talk.

    IGN: Wydz Mezzes Out

    IGN: Wydz Luvs