• Hi, don't hesitate to propose a price (there's perhaps some mods on inscribables items, but don't consider them they'll be for free or i'll salvage them, it's just some skin-selling) :


    aureate dagger q9

    crescent blades q9

    dragon kamas q9

    golden talons q9

    split chakram q9

    stilletos q9


    ancient scythe q10

    briarwood scythe q9

    crenellated scythe q9 (*2)

    embossed scythe q9

    grim scythe q9

    hooked scythe q9 (*2)


    brass spear q9

    bronzehead spear q9

    greater guardian spear q9

    guardian spear q9

    pronged spear q9

    solemn spear q9

    sunburst spear q10

    tribal spear q9

    windblade spear q9 (reserved)


    ancient hornbow q9

    bramble shortbow q9

    caged shortbow q9

    composite bow q9

    composite shortbow q9

    dead bow q9

    feathered longbow q9

    grinning recurve bow q9

    half-moon q9

    hornbow q10

    ivory bow q9

    skull recurve bow q9

    spiked recurve bow q9

    sturdy recurve bow q9

    tempest bow q10 (*2)

    turtle shell longbow q9


    adamantine falchion q9

    broadsword q9

    crested machette q9

    dadao sword q10

    dark scimitar q9

    dead sword q9

    fiery gladius q9

    gothic sword q9 (*2)

    greater highlander blade q9

    highlander blade q9

    katana q9

    lesser highlander blade q9

    long sword q9

    platinum blade q9

    platinum broadsword q10

    ripper blade q9

    ripper blade q10

    runic blade q9

    salient sword q10

    shinobi blade q11

    short sword q9

    spatha q9

    steel broadsword q9

    sunqua blade q9


    battlepick q9

    celestial axe q9

    celestial axe q10crescent axe q9

    dual winged axe q9

    great axe q9 (*2)

    halo axe q9

    hand axe q9

    icy blade axe q10 (*2)

    sephis axe q9

    sephis axe q10

    stygian reaver q9

    winged axe q9


    break hammer q9

    bronze crusher q9

    copper crusher q9

    golden maul q9

    greater glyphic maul q9

    magmas arm q9

    piranha hammer q9

    ruby maul q9

    stonehead hammer q9
    war hammer q9


    daedal aegis q9 motiv

    reinforced defender q9 motiv

    tribal shield q10 motiv

    diamond aegis q10 comm

    eternal shield q13 comm

    skull shield q10 comm

    demonic aegis q10 str

    embossed aegis q10 strength

    guardian of the hunt q10 str

    skeleton shield q10 str

    sun and moon shield q9 str (*2)

    draconic aegis q10 tactics

    gloom shield q10 tactics

    militia shield q9 tactics

    ornate buckler q9 tactics

    reinforced buckler q9 tactics

    sharktooth shield q9 tactics

    shield of the wing q9 tactics

    skeleton shield q10 tactics (purple)

    spiked targe q9 tactics

    sun and moon q9 tactics


    aureate staff q10 energy storage

    voltaic wand q9 energy storage

    dragon's breath wand q10

    fire staff q10 (core skin)

    fire wand q9

    pyrewood scepter q9

    pyrewood staff q11

    water staff q9

    earth staff q9 (*2)

    earth wand q9

    guardian branch q9

    air staff q9 (*2)dolyak prod staff q9 air (*2, already modded 20/20, +1/20, +5^50)

    celestial compass q11 energy storage

    iridescent prism q9 energy storage


    cane q9 domi

    ensorceling staff q9 domi

    gazing scepter q9 domi

    imposing scepter q9 domi

    crystal wand q9 inspi

    dragon spire staff q9 inspi

    zodiac staff q10 inspi

    cane q9 illu

    illusory staff q9 illu

    gilded artifact q9 fast cast

    inscribed chakram q9 domi

    omnious idoleon q9 domi

    butterfly mirror q9 inspi

    jeweled chalice q9 inspi

    chimeric eye q9 illu


    holy branch q9 favor

    platinum staff q10 favor

    serpentine scepter q10 favor

    shadow staff q10 favor

    protective staff q9 prot

    protective wand q9 prot

    divine scroll q9 favor

    aureate lamp q9 favor

    divine symbol q9 favor (*2)

    blessed chalice q9 healing

    healing ank q9 healing

    holy vial q9 prot


    crimson claw scepter q9 soul (*2)

    wailing wand q9 death

    spinal staff q9 blood

    blighted rod q9 curses

    accursed icon q9 curses

    skull brush q9 curses

    bone idol q9 SR


    channeling staff q10

    eerie rod q9 commu

    suntouched staff q10 spawn

    spawning wand q9 spawn

    eerie focus q9 commu

    ceremonial cauldron q9 spawn (*2)

    OS Stuff

    aureate dagger OS q11 +5e

    jade dagger OS q9 15^50

    kamas OS q10 +5e

    kriss dagger OS q12 +5e

    oni dagger OS q10 +5e

    half-moon OS q9 +15/-5

    jade longbow OS q9 +15% stance

    shadow bow OS q10 15^50

    shadow bow OS q9 +15% stance

    dusk blade OS q10 +15% stance

    shadow blade OS q10 +15% stance

    gothic axe OS q9 15^50

    spiked axe q9 +15/-10

    break hammer OS q9 +5e

    cleaver OS q11 +5e

    foehammer OS q9 +15/-10

    jade hammer OS q9 +15/-5

    jade hammer OS q9 +15% stance

    marble hammer OS q9 15^50

    guardian of the hunt OS q12 str, +43 with enchant, -5/20

    magma shield OS q12 str, +30hp, ar+9 vs blunt

    tall shield OS q9 tactics, protection prayer +1/20%

    fire staff OS q9 fire, 20/10

    fire staff OS q10 fire, 20/10

    koi scepter OS q12 water, +5 while enchanted, halves casting time 10%

    earth staff OS q10 earth, 20/10

    jade staff OS q10 air, 20/10

    wayward wand OS q11 domi, +5^50, halves casting time 10%

    holy branch OS q9 favor, 20/10

    holy rod OS q11 favor, +5^50, halves skill recharge 10%

    healing ank OS q9 healing, armor +5 while attacking, halves skill recharge 10%

    bone staff OS q10 death, 20/10

    accursed staff OS q9 curses, 20/20

    koi scepter OS q9 curses, +5 while enchanted, halves casting time 10%

    jade wand OS q10 spawn, halves casting time 9%


    falaharn's split chakram

    inspired shadow staff

    arbor's earth staff

    Hidesplitter's dagger

    The Flesheater

    MODS and INSCRIPTIONS : i really have a lot so fell free to ask for some and make an offer ig ^^ i'm not asking much

    +1 staff wrappings :

    divine favor




    healing prayers



    smiting prayers

    IG : Snake Faust

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