My WTB OS and Insc Q8/Q9 Hammers /Bows/SwordsStaffs and Some EL Tonics

  • Hello there!

    I want to buy the following.

    Q8 15^50 Jade daggers or any Q8 Jade Weapon.


    OS Q8 15^50 Mursaat Hammer

    OS Q8 15^50 Tetsubo Hammer

    OS Q8 15^50 Jade Hammer


    Any Q8 OS Bow any stats (Hex/Enchanted/Stance/<20 etc etc.)

    Any OS Q8 +5e Bow

    Will pay well for the ones listed below:

    OS Q8 15^50 Naga Shortbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Naga Longbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Bramble Flatbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Bramble Shortbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Bramble Longbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Bramble Hornbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Bramble Recurvebow

    OS Q8 15^50 Mursaat Hornbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Fleshy Hornbow

    OS Q8 15^50 Dead Bow


    OS Q8 15^50 Jade Sword

    OS Q8 15^50 Fellblade


    Any Q8 Ghostly Staff with perfect bonus or better dual perfect any attribute.

    Inscribable weapons wanted Q9 ONLY

    Dhumm's Soul Reaper x 4

    Saurian Scythe x2

    Bramble Bows Q9 Inscribable any (Short/long/recurve/horn/flat)

    Silverwing Q9 Bow UNIDENTIFIED (will pay well but has to be unid)

    EL Henchman Tonics (Will pay very nicely)

    EL Reindeer Toinic

    I can pay in any form you like ecto/plat/arms/shards or trade.

    If you have just PM me here or contact IG. IGN Queen Nefredi.

    Thanks for looking. Have a great day.

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