Razah Primary Profession

  • Hi GWers,

    I played GW since mid 2007, and was quit end of2008 (was disappointed waiting GW2 to come out)...

    I got Razah unlocked, not playing with him pretty much back then, his profession is only Rt until now (has no secondary)

    few days ago installed GW on office PC, just to hear the backtheme song at work. :D

    in short and noob question, from what i read in Wiki, razah can change his primary profession (OMG), so in case i change him to be a warrior, can i change him back to be a ritualist or anything else?:/:/:/

    sorry, i cant find the answer for this in wiki, or if someone know, please give me the links.

    thank you

  • You can change him as many times as you like. Just make sure you salvage off the runes and insignias off his armor before you do. His (and all other heroes) armor can’t be destroyed by a salvage kit, so just don’t worry about that.