Do these currency conversions look correct?

  • I was trying to figure out a currency conversion using Guild Wars Trade chat averages. I am looking for some feedback if I am way off.

    250 Z keys avg about 270 ectos therefore

    One Z-key=1.08 Ectos

    20 Ecto=1000k or 1 Ecto=5 plat

    1 Z-key= 5.4Plat

    250 Z-key= 1350plat

    Please let me know if there is a website that already keeps these kinds of conversions updated.

    Do these seem close?

  • There is no such site (to my knowledge)

    These conversion are always adaptable, in a 10-20e range. Some ppl mâle profit this way.

    Besides, rates always change, so it's kinda sensless to write them sewhere.

    My way to deal with, is use kamadan trade chat, and take the average between WTB and WTS for arms/zkeys/etcos etc

    IG: jacke l eventreur

  • I get confused because I see terms like 100k gold. Why don't we see this listed as 100 plat. Isn't plat really the currency unit of choice?

  • I'm not sure if i understood you well, but imo plat isnt really used these days (it is, but not for most deals).

    All weapons are traded at least in ectos, and in arms for most expensive ones.

    IG: jacke l eventreur