Which weapon mods to keep?

  • I am a returning player and I an trying to manage my inventory. I am always carrying waaaay too many identified golds. I am not looking for price checks on anything. I am wondering what to keep/salvage.

    Assuming that everything kept will have perfect stats, I am wondering what to keep for:


    Prefixes (only for certain weapons or all?):

    Suffixes (only for certain weapons or all?):

    Thank you

  • the ones for spear and scythe since they are the most rare. I also hunt for the shield mods constantly so I would keep those. From inscriptions the ones you need for 20/20 and 40/40. Good way is to actually check mod prices and inscription prices in kamadan - easy to see what is worth to keep - I get loads of spear 20% ench ones I do not need but are very easy to sell. If you have all heroes on all charrs with perfect weapons I would not bother anymore at all with any of the mods.....