PC q9 Zodiac Staff 20/20 Earth

  • super rare staff, being a zodiac skin and all (not ruined by botting). Very easily over 1000e imo, something something arms. But im not in the loop atm so take this with a grain of salt. Would not sell one like this under 1500e..

    edit: agree with hgt & expugnare

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  • 30-50a+ imo, hard to tell since there are not many of those around but it sure is a very rare staff. Auction it, see how it goes and take your time!

    1000 or 1500e is imo way to less for such a staff, im sure a bo staff with same mods would go way beyond that and to me zodiac is atleast 10 times more rare than bo staff


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  • I think 50a is on the high end.

    25-30a is spot on imo. This, along with Celestials—and unlike Platinum, Bo and Dragon—have not become undervalued by bottling.

    In fact, I think there’s some argument that Canthan staff prices are generally on the up and up (when was last time you saw a food Celestial for sale?)

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