Oldschool Shields vs Creatures

  • Hello,

    as you may know there are shield mods vs charr, trolls, undead, demons etc.

    I havent seen many shields but for example i ve never seen an echovald or outcast shield with mods vs charr or dwaves.

    Can every oldschool shield possibly have the +10 vs any creature? or do eternal shields for example only hvae the possibility to have +10 vs undead but you can never get +10 vs demons on them?

    i hope you understand my question, ty for answering

  • Some species are specific to Prophecies. I do not have a complete list, but Dwarves/Charr/Giants/... will only drop in Prophecies, whereas Demons should only drop in Factions. So if a skin can only be found in one of those campaigns, it cannot have all possible creature mods. I suspect that Eternal Shields cannot drop in Factions-related areas (I think UW counts as Prophecies or maybe Core for this purpose) and that therefore, you cannot find a +vs Demons Eternal Shield, just like you can't find a +vs Charr Ornate Shield.

  • Yeah as lily said, Tyria and cantha have their own creatures, with exception of Plant which drops in both.

    UW and Fow share tyria droptable for creatures

    Cantha shields can drop: Plant, Dragons, orges, demons

    Tyria: Plant, dwarf, giant, skeleton, tengu, undead, charr