Storage clean weapons, mods, pets, greens

  • Hey everyone,

    Heres some stuff I had laying around for a while that I'd be glad to sell.
    Heres a list feel free to offer :)

    If an items has no bids on it, I will most likely merch it after 2 or 3 weeks. I will try to keep this Thread updated.
    My ig name is Astrid Langstrump, feel free to whisper if you want to buy any of the b/o at the bottom.

    Wintergreen Hammer
    Wintergreen Axe


    Everlasting Shadow Staff

    Turep's Spear

    Kanaxai's Edge

    Gordac's Holy Rod

    Josinq's Whisper

    The Scar Eater

    Everlasting Ghostly Staff

    Totem Axe

    Minipets: (Unded)
    2x Zhu Hanuku 3e/ea
    5x King Adelbern 3/ea
    5x Flame Djinn 3e/ea
    7x Black beast of Argh 3e/ea
    3x Water Djinn 3e/ea

    4x Aptitude not attude 5e/ea
    7x Luck of the Draw 4e/ea

    5x Spear Grip of Enchanting 5e/ea

    2x Scythe Grip of Enchanting 2e/ea
    7x Zealous Scythe Snathe 3e/ea
    4x Focus core of Aptitude 5e/ea
    4x Wand Wrapping of memory 2e/ea
    1x Staff wrapping of enchanting 2e
    12x Shield Handle of Fortitude 2e/ea
    6x Adapt Staff Head 2e/ea
    1x Insightful Staff Head 2e
    1x Hale Staff head 2e

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