My Guild Wars house would be...

  • This is a simple one. If you could have a house anywhere in Guild Wars where would it be?

    This would be after the winds of change so if you choose to have a house in pre searing, it's destroyed but you survived.

    I'd have 2 houses.

    1 on the Wizards isle

    1 on the border of The Jade Sea & the Ecchvald Forest

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  • I'd say, somewhere around the area of The Falls. Mainly to recreate where I live now.

    I don't live in a house now, I live in a small (8x16 ft) cabin I built myself. It's on the mountainside of a triangular property with a stream running along one side and a creek on another. I've become spoiled by the sound of running water. :)

    With a bit of climbing I can get to the small (6 1/2 ft height) waterfall on the very western most tip of my land. My somewhat chilly summertime shower with 50-55 degree water. (Once you get over the initial shock :S, it's quite pleasant.)