Running any Mission + Bonus/Masters

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    Running any Mission + Bonus/Masters

    Normal Mode: 5e
    Hard Mode: 10e
    EotN: NM-3e / HM-6e

    Nightfall Complete Campaign: NM-80e + 20k per quest / HM-160e
    Factions Complete Campaign: NM-52e + 20k per quest / HM-104e
    Prophecies Complete Campaign: NM-100e / HM-200e

    Normal Running times: 6.30am - 12.30pm UCT

    IGN: M E I R

    Disclaimer: You are paying for my time, not the difficulty of the mission. I am open to negotiations, but that does not mean that I may accept them. I am human, I am not perfect, I may fail the mission(s) due to weariness or mental exhaustion. If I fail the mission/do not achieve Bonus/Masters, you do not pay. I may request part or all payment upfront. I may not be available at any given time.

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