Old School Shadow Bows

  • I recently came back to GW after many years and wanted to sell some old stuff sitting around in my storage. I have two Shadow bows that do not use inscriptions. One of them is q9 Energy + 5, and the other is q10 15^50. Some other items of note that I was curious about would be a q9 command demonic Aegis (insc) and a q9 Motivation Amethyst Aegis (insc). Thank you.

  • q9 +5 Energy is maybe 15e

    q10 15^50 maybe 5e but not worth the time trying to sell it

    shadow bows area common item, unless they are q8 or pre nerf they arent that valuable

    q9 command demonic aegis and the q9 motivation amethys aegis are also not that valueable anymore, ppl open a lot of zaishen chests or end chest in dungeons where they drop, they used to have a decent value but nowadays there are just so much shield and so less players. i would sell the demonic aegis around 15-35e and the amethyst 10-20e (motivation not that wanted)

    ign: Ry Gerhardt

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