Discord reorganizing & updates

  • With the help of Alum & Bsoltan, the Legacy Discord will be reorganzied and cleaned up a bit...but it's also only fair to ask what you guys would like us to do with it, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to share.

    -We'll be adding the kamadan bot

    -Reintegrating discord directly into this site as a chatbox (something that was asked for in another thread)

    -creating new roles to help find players quicker for certain in game things such as the Zaishen rank to help form groups for the daily quests.

    -Founder of Guild Wars: a new hope fb group

    -Co founder of the kamadan fb group

    -Co-founder of Guild Wars Legacy

    -Leader of the Legacy Kurzick Alliance, The Noon Empire & The undisputed King of Noobz.