Current MQSC Dervway Meta

  • So since I have been grinding out my luxon title recently I decided to go ahead and update the old meta of MQSC with the more faster version people use now. All information is on the pvx regarding weapons, build, armor, etc, but will put a general summary up here.

    Click here for the PvX page I am working on, still curently in progress but the main idea is there.

    I also made a quick placeholder route by route video showing exactly where to go and what to do for each: Click here for video guide

    So what are the advantages to this than the older way?

    • Tiwce as fast, anywhere from 3-6 minutes depending on how fast the team is, averages around 100-120k an hour depending on team.
    • Easily mergable with older way or even normal players, that can bring support skills or heroes, due to a single derv having tons of potential.
    • Way better in low person siutations, as a derv will do its job alone perfectly fine.
    • Very forgiving to learn.

    What are the disadvantages?

    • Some might find it a little more difficult.
    • Having to use some cons/pcons can be a little costly for newer players.
    • Somewhat less mixture of professions, though it is not a huge draw back as you can always add different players and change things.

    The team on PvX is under the assumption you have 8 players, however at the bottom I do mention how it would be if you have less, as well as mention what I did here regarding merging with the old way or non-sc oriented players. Due to a lot of hours being low activity, sometimes I have even brought one random player with 6 heroes, and they will vanquish around half, and I will vanquish everything else solo on a derv. These runs even average to 8-11 minutes with just that.

    Build for all dervs:


    Below are all the route images so you can see the general idea. In-depth guide for each role is covered on the PvX page linked at the top.

    Yeti Ranger/Rit Route Yeti Cave Route
    Wallow 1 and 2 Route Wallow 3 and 4 Route
    Lake Route Lake Cleanup Route
    Beach Route Beach Cleanup

    And then because why not:

    If you would like to learn, or even better come for runs, contact me ingame at: Protectiv Was Latex