Tips on starting endgame elite areas?

  • Hey all, i've been a longtime guild wars player for like 10+ years but mostly i just delete and remake alts, get cool armour, clear campaign modes and farm whatever rank 5 title i need for which armour sets i want. my best achievements in game would probably be only legendary survivor title and legendary spearmarshal.

    so im looking at what the best elite area to start off with would be, decided on DOA. ive been there a couple of times before where ive died one at the very start, and once i think in that forest area, and been put off, having to start the whole thing again from scratch. i think ive been to underworld once where i died pretty fast too. but i really want to actually start completing some of these areas.

    as for gameplay style id rather play with a hero team, cause i guess im a bit anti social when it comes to players, not in a bad way but i just dont want to feel like shit if i mess up in a group, or i kind of want to take it at my own pace. so usually i run with the meta hero team builds from gwpvx but theres also teams like DOA trenchway on there. would that be suitable for heroes or is it directed towards player groups? should i just stick with my default 7 hero teams? what would be the best(easiest) class to run it on? i have characters of each class except i think monk, with scythe sin being my main.

    are there any other tips i should know to make it easier? i know already now i should look up the quests there beforehand so i know what im supposed to be doing.