Tonics and minis, q8 items

  • Hello,

    I have recently come back after a long hiatus and was flooded with birthday vouchers. I am not sure what the following are worth, and the tonic/minis thread seems a bit old now.

    Can someone help me out? Thank you!

    Q8 Items (gold)

    - Shocking War Axe of Fortitude, 14%^50%, +22hp

    - Zealous Spiked Axe, 15%^50%

    - Tower Shield Armor +7 vs piercing, -2 damage while hexed


    - Kuunavang

    - M.O.X.


    - Gwen (Green)

    - M.O.X. (Green)

    - Eye of Janthir (Green)

    - Rurik (Gold)

    - Aaargh (Gold)

    - Flame Djinn (Gold)

    - King Adelbern (Gold)

    - Dagnar Stoneplate

    - Palawa Joko (Purple)

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  • We have a sticky for the minis---the value of birthday minis is not getting any better with a flood of them on the market (returning players)...The ONLY birthday minis that are still getting a better rate than the sticky is the rare ones they put in the 7th year--the oni which are still fetching plenty of ectos.

    Please refer to the minipet sticky for minipet values.

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