What ive been up too

  • Several months ago I announced on our Facebook page that I needed to take a break from legacy so i could focus more on starting my own business.

    In the few months since I've been planning out several new video games, one of them being an MMORPG that will primarily focus on PvP but there will still be some pve elements. It will also be sectioned into zones like GW1 is.

    So why am I posting this here? Well I cant think of a better community to try and gather people and try to make a game that this community would love.

    Some things that we've talked about the game so far.

    -Itll be cross platform between PC & Mobile

    -a battlegrounds pvp area that separates players based on level groups so a level 1 wont gave a max level player

    -10 slot skill bars

    -combat skills exhaust themselves after repeated use to encourage players to change builds

    -skill such as mining, smithing, crafting, ect.

    So again I'm trying to make an awesome game and I need the communities help, so if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment.

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