[LF] MQSC Team build for 2 Players + 6 Hero

  • Hi.

    Im looking for a good Team build Setup for mqsc.

    WE are 2 Players. Ranger and Monk, with 6 Heros.

    What do you think. What is fastest teambuild with split?

    My dad (Monk) ist a little Bit slow. He plays actually assa promise + 3 discord Heros, for beach and sea.

    Me, Ranger, Play SoS with SABway Hero for Yeti way.

    Together WE are at 13 mins for Vanqiush.

    But ist there maybee a better teambuild for us.

    Ty for answeres. And sry for the bad english ;)

  • Monk AP is ok. I would suggest N/Rt BiP Resto, N/Mo Prot with Discord and an ESurge Mes.

    As Ranger you could play Dagger Spam (maybe with new Elite for party wide health regen) with ST Rit/Mo (with Strengh and Honor), N/Rt Resto BiP and ESurge Mes.

    You should test it. It should be worth it to bring an Essence for the VQ. It's just 2e per run which you should get back in drops. Don't forget lockpicks. Bring pcons if you can effort them.

    13min is what i get playing with 7hero setup + essence. You should be a bit faster if you split. Maybe in the 10min range.

    There is also a solo dervish build for MQSC. You need Conset for this but one could go derv and solo yeti and the other one is doing beach + wallow with heroes.