Necro/Para Soul Taker Build

  • Hi guys n gals,

    I dunno if a similar build's been posted here before but I've been running this Soul Taker build for a while and it works like a charm. Thought I might as well share it. It's a good high DPS Necro build for PVE for both NM and HM runs, and it's a breath of fresh air for Necro as necro players usually run support builds. Without further ado, here it is;


    12+1+1 Soul Reaping

    12 Spear Mastery

    Maxed Delver and Norn Titles are preferred

    Spear with +%15 dmg while enchanted inscription, +30 health and Sundering mod is preferred

    Shield with +45 health in a stance mod is preferred

    I gather that the forum code doesn't show the newer pve only elites as it hasn't been updated yet but to make it clear; the first skill is Soul Taker.

    The functionality is basic, you keep up the first 3 buffs and spam the rest of the skillbar. High Soul Reaping will take care of the energy management.

  • Kryth Vocans

    Changed the title of the thread from “Necro Soul Taker Build” to “Necro/Para Soul Taker Build”.