Seller's Rights

  • Because it has been asked of me a few times recently I want to set the record straight.

    Sellers have the right to sell or not to sell--just because they have a thread on Legacy does not constitute a contract to sell. Sellers can choose to whom they wish to sell or if they wish to sell at all. Likewise, buyers can choose to buy from a person posting in their threads or not. Service givers have the right to service those posting in their threads or not, as well as service seekers can choose to accept the services offered in their threads.

    We do not police what happens ingame as we are NOT Areanet and have no authority to do so, we DO moderate what happens ON our site. Remember to read our rules as they are enforced!

    Any questions can be directed to any of the senior staff: Kevin, Max Borken or cosyfiep.

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