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    Hey t1 :)

    If I recall, you're the pre-searing guy. Did you guys find a home yet? I ask because we made you a section all of your own. If the presearing community wants to move in, I'll switch the lights and water on for you.

    Kabong old chap!! Welcome on board. Give your brother a kick in the shins to register too...


    These are for sale:


    1. SOLD
    2. C/O 50e. R/B is a lot more.
    3. C/O 250e. SOLD
    4. C/O 250e.
    6. C/O 300e

    There are reserves that will be revealed with enough interest. Once a reserve is met, the item will be sold to the highest bidder if 48 hours pass with no further bid.
    I reserve the right to sell these ingame or not at all.

    You know what to do.


    I thought it might be helpful to collate a list of stats we know to be Pre-Nerf.

    An item is considered Pre-Nerf if it cannnot drop any more. In other words, the possibility of the game generating these stats or items has been physically removed by the coders at Anet, mainly 2005/2006 around the release of Factions. The only way to acquire Pre-Nerf items is through trading with other players.

    This is a list of items which in my opinion are truly Pre-Nerf (and the purpose of this thread is to confirm and add/remove stat ranges in order to establish a definitive list). I haven't included Triple Modded items or Mausoleum items because those are considered bugged, not Pre-Nerf.

    These are known to be Pre-Nerf:

    Any weapons
    - Any weapon in r7 with max damage regardless of mods (also non max damage Sword r7 above 14-21 damage, or axe above 6-25 damage, Hammer above 18-32 damage)
    - Any FACTIONS or Tyrian NON INSCRIABLE staff with a restoration requirement.
    - Any FACTIONS wand with a restoration requirement[/font]
    - Any r8 staff with max (11-22) damage
    - Any r8 axe with max (6-28) damage
    - Any r8 hammer with max (19-35) damage
    - Any r8 bow with max (15-28) damage
    - Any weapon with an unconditional inherent damage mod, eg. +14% damage with no negatives
    - Any GOLD staff with a requirement of 0
    - Any staff whose HSR mod is written in GOLD text.
    - Any staff which misses HSR Mod completely, also applies to whites and blues or purples)
    - Any Grim Cesta with a healing requirement. These only come in blood magic now.

    Any Shields
    - Any shield in r7 with 16 armour regardless of mods
    - Any shield with two inherent [reduces physical damage received by X] mods (aka Dual Reduction).
    - Any shield with a [received physical damage -3(10%)] mod. (including non-max mods)

    Specific shield skins in r8/16 non-inscribable (OldSchool) only

    This Applies to Golds and Purples only, Blues and Whites are still possible EXCEPT For Tyrian skins in purple like Magmas, Summit Warlord Shield and Stone Summit Shield are possible to drop in r8/16 From the Keyless chest in Sorrow furnance (Same place can drop Purple q8 crystalline swords)
    - Magmas
    - Stone Summit
    - Summit Warlord
    - Eternal
    - Zodiac
    - Shadow
    - Exalted Aegis,
    - Gloom Shield
    The minimum level of the enemies in the areas these dropped was raised, thereby removing 8/16 as a possible drop for these skins. 9/16 is the lowest these now generate.

    Gold Shields
    - Any GOLD shield with a -2/hexed mod. (These only come -3/hexed now)
    - Any GOLD shield with a -1/enchanted or -1/stance mod. (These only come -2 now)
    - Any GOLD shield with a +40/[stance or enchanted] or lower inherent mod.
    - Any GOLD shield with a +8 armour or lower vs damage type mod. For example +8 armour vs slashing
    - Any GOLD shield with a +26hp or lower inherent mod.
    - Any GOLD shield with a non max -5(20%) mod (these only come -5/20 or -5/19% now). For example -4(19%).
    - Any GOLD shield with +55hp/hex or below
    - Any Any Gold Shield with +1attri/18% or lower

    Purple Shields
    - Any PURPLE shield with a +19hp or lower inherent mod.
    - Any PURPLE shield with a +29/[stance or enchanted] or lower inherent mod.
    - Any Purple shield with -3/xx%
    - Any purple shield with +5armour or Below vs specific damage type

    GOLD weapons
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable weapon with +13%[condition] or lower inherent mod
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable weapon with +18%[while Hexed] or lower inherrent mod
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable weapons with +18%[below 50%] or lower inherrent mod

    Purple Weapons
    - Any PURPLE Non-inscribable weapon with +11 or 12%[condition]
    - Any PURPLE Non-inscribable weapon with +xx%/-5 energy, +xx%/-10 armour or +xx%/-1[energy or health] regen
    - Any PURPLE Non-inscriable weapon with 11-14% While hex.
    - Any PURPLE Non-inscriable weapon with 11-14% while below 50%.

    Specific Weapon skins in r8 only
    - Straw Effigys
    - Zodiac swords
    - Shadow blades
    - Vertebreakers

    Specific skins regardless of requirement
    - Any GOLD non-inscribable Crystalline sword with an inherrent (OS) mod
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable Dwarven Axe with an inherrent (OS) mod
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable Dwarven Hammer
    - Any GOLD Non-Inscribable Krytan Axe
    - Any Swamp Club
    - Any GOLD Non-inscribable Serpent Axe (Tyrian Skin only)
    - Any PURPLE Non-incribable Serpent Axe (Tyrian Skin only) which also has a Pre-Nerf purple Mod (see any purple weapon section above). Purple versions with non-Pre-Nerf can still drop
    - Any Fire Staff with the Dead Staff skin only
    - Any Water Staff with the Dead Staff skin only- The Henge of Denravi sword -
    - Henge of Denravi Axe, Bow and Hammer also are Nerfed

    Weapons Mods
    - Any sundering weapon mod of 10/9% or lower (10/10 sword mod is still available)
    - Any weapon mod with +25% damage vs Charr
    - Any Vampiric mod with 1-2/ -1 for sword or axe and 1-3/-1 for hammer or bow
    - Any Furious weapon mod 10/4 or lower.

    -50hp Major runes, all versions
    Superior runes with Minor rune icon
    Superior runes with Blue color
    Superior or Major runeswhich remain unsalvaged on a Blue armor/garb item

    - Any Mixed dyes
    - Jade Wind Orbs
    - Naga Fangs.
    - Zaishen Medallions.
    - Brick of Mud,
    - Clay Bricks,
    - Olias's resignation letter,
    - Winter Gifts,
    - Dye remover,
    - White Staff Wrappings,
    - Customized Minatures,
    - Festival hats that are Rune/insignia Able

    Please feel free to add any more that I haven't got here. I'll update the top post as necessary.


    If you have any threads on the original guru site, begin the process of transferring them over here. We don't have long until they pull the plug, so get moving and migrate across. Builds, maps, mission guides, screenshots.... Bring them all!

    If there's a section to be created for them, let us know.


    I want to gather dual reduction shields, one of each requirement per skin. So if you have one that you don't want or need, get in touch and I hope we can work something out. The skin isn't important, although the rarer the better.

    If anyone decides that would like to lend me one for the collection, you have my word that it will never ever be sold, and you can have it back at any time.. Bit like when you lend your Monet to an art gallery.

    I'm not actually expecting anyone to lend me any shields btw. I'm not dumb ;)

    So I want any skin and any req but preferably r7-8, and with any combo of these mods:
    -2 ench
    -2 stance
    -2 hexed
    -3 hexed
    -3 (10%)
    -5 (20%)

    Like these that I already have:

    In an homage to the original beloved collections thread, post your collections here, past and present. With the loss of the guru site, let's repopulate Pleikki's iconic thread with all of the history that will be lost when guru is taken down.

    I'll go first this time, with part one of my collection of Pre-Nerf Dual reduction shields.

    Magmas Shield

    Summit Warlord

    Stone Summit Shield

    Tall Shield


    Tower Shields

    Eternal Shield

    Crude Shield

    You can now clearly see which pieces I am missing, and also which duplicates are still available.

    UPDATED 14/04/16

    and part 2:

    Shadow Shield

    Shield Of The Wing


    Wooden Buckler

    Skull Shield

    Skeleton Shield

    Round Shield

    Reinforced Buckler

    Ornate Buckler