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    I’m trying to beat TotPK with Heroes only in HM (no cons). I am playing a War Endu Dagger build and have been trying with a relatively standard line-up - 2x ESurge, 1x Panic, ST, SoS, BiP.

    However, I am mightily struggling, mostly with the dryder/rider groups. If I get to ball them nicely the Panic mes is doing a great job in shutting them down but sometimes it’s not enough. Does anyone have any tips? Maybe make one of the ES into Psychic Instability for further shutdown?


    Thanks - any more views especially on the other items? Are all worth merching?

    I remember OS Sephis Axes used to be worth something at some point - is that no longer the case?


    Returning player here so wanted to see whether anything of the below is worth saving from the merch:

    Stoneshard Hornbow

    Q11 OS 15^50

    Storm Bow

    Q9 OS 15%/-5e

    Zodiac Sword

    Q9 OS 14^50

    Oni Blade

    Q9 OS 14^50

    Sephis Axe

    Q11 OS 15^ench

    Summit Axe

    Q9 OS +5e


    Q10 OS +5e

    Long Sword

    Q13 OS 15^50

    Chaos Axe

    Q9 OS 14^50

    Eternal Shield

    Q9 Str OS

    +30 / -5 (19%)

    Ornate Buckler

    Q9 Tac OS

    +60^hex / -3^hex

    Hornbow (Mursaat Skin)

    Q9 Inscr

    Iridescent Aegis

    Q9 Command Inscr

    Frog Scepter

    Q11 FC Inscr

    Thanks in advance!