Tomb of Primeval Kings HM w Heroes?

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to beat TotPK with Heroes only in HM (no cons). I am playing a War Endu Dagger build and have been trying with a relatively standard line-up - 2x ESurge, 1x Panic, ST, SoS, BiP.

    However, I am mightily struggling, mostly with the dryder/rider groups. If I get to ball them nicely the Panic mes is doing a great job in shutting them down but sometimes it’s not enough. Does anyone have any tips? Maybe make one of the ES into Psychic Instability for further shutdown?


  • I’ll repost a bit from Reddit:

    Hex removal for empathy and health degeneration to counter rider/Dryder regeneration in HM can make those fights much more winnable. Think illusion magic, suffering or even conditions as I don’t think any enemies have cleanse (won’t work on the riders but it’s the dryders you need to get rid of ASAP!). I got to the end with a far less meta team build on warrior.

    An ineptitude Mesmer will make short work of the grasps of insanity, and you can take arcane conundrum too. I wouldn’t swap the panic for PI, the dryder/rider groups have a lot of HP too and panic will shut everything down for longer. That being said I didn’t use a single esurge so you could swap the final esurge out for it.

    If you can squeeze some shutdown onto your own bar that can help to stop a rogue run-ending meteor shower during a bad aggro e.g exhausting assault. It tended to be these instances where I had real problems, I’d almost win the fight but then some damage would land from outside the ball, I’d have to refocus my mesmers and the rest of the group would start regenerating.

    Party healing will help against the scythes of chaos. Another copy of protective was kaolai or a smiting monk with divine healing (and/or the duplicate) can help there. A smiter wouldn’t be horrible for adding SoH dps to yourself and smite hex for empathy!