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    I had always understood it to be end chests after bosses that dropped the weird stuff but admittedly a purple drop coming from a beta locked chest is much more logical. But I didn’t play eotn beta, so I don’t know. Perhaps one of our more esteemed posters can help us out.

    For the last one it is a farmed skin but perfect mods and mods that match a strength req well. I think 20a might be a bit high but 10-20a is not unreasonable.

    1 and 3 are sort of similar and the reqs don’t match the stats well. If they had each others stats it would be better. I think you would sell both in the 20-40e range. The gothic will be the less valuable one but i wouldn’t merch it. I don’t think the echo is worth 80e due to being one off, a common skin and strength req with ench. Only perfect echo seem to go for big money.

    2, put it up for sale and someone will buy it, it has a lot going for it (perfect mods, tactics) 10-20e feels about right.

    -2wE - 2wS - 3wH - 5/20

    Not to cover old ground but if my historical reading was correct dual reduction shields always had a stance mod due to it being in a separate class to the rest at some point in development. You would never see a -2wE -3wH for example as these mods are were always in the same class.

    Many variants exist - I have seen -1wE/S on these shields before as well as -2wH and the old -3(10%) and variants thereof.

    I think the above is correct, SSS and SWS do not drop in NM - the axe wielders do not wield these shields. So alas no low req caster shields!

    That being said I can say for certain SSS do drop in northern shiverpeaks in HM. Not sure why that is though.


    I know these q8 Glooms been discussed before here and everywhere.. but i think its worthy giving it another try if someone has idea where in earth these dropped from :D

    I think this is the commonly accepted theory?

    1. Dropped under the same weird conditions as other eotn oddities i.e beta dungeon chests, which dropped purple insc crystallines allegedly. Gloom shields are listed to drop from various dungeons.

    Buuuut this would be more fun!

    2. A good deed in eotn spawns lvl 20 smites and lvl 24 coldfires. Not sure these can drop from smites but they are the right level for r8. What level are locked chests in eotn NM? I thought they would be 600g chests which would rule them out.

    It's done! After scraping Thunderhead Keep, Thirsty River and the Wilds yesterday I got to 99.9%. Logged into THK this morning, stepped outside into Ice Floe, and got 100% within 20 steps of scraping the wall outside the outpost! This also means that I have completed my HoM 50/50 which is something I never thought I'd do.

    One final thing to do....

    I’ll repost a bit from Reddit:

    Hex removal for empathy and health degeneration to counter rider/Dryder regeneration in HM can make those fights much more winnable. Think illusion magic, suffering or even conditions as I don’t think any enemies have cleanse (won’t work on the riders but it’s the dryders you need to get rid of ASAP!). I got to the end with a far less meta team build on warrior.

    An ineptitude Mesmer will make short work of the grasps of insanity, and you can take arcane conundrum too. I wouldn’t swap the panic for PI, the dryder/rider groups have a lot of HP too and panic will shut everything down for longer. That being said I didn’t use a single esurge so you could swap the final esurge out for it.

    If you can squeeze some shutdown onto your own bar that can help to stop a rogue run-ending meteor shower during a bad aggro e.g exhausting assault. It tended to be these instances where I had real problems, I’d almost win the fight but then some damage would land from outside the ball, I’d have to refocus my mesmers and the rest of the group would start regenerating.

    Party healing will help against the scythes of chaos. Another copy of protective was kaolai or a smiting monk with divine healing (and/or the duplicate) can help there. A smiter wouldn’t be horrible for adding SoH dps to yourself and smite hex for empathy!

    - the elemental sword was one of the rarest items to get

    I dropped one from a graven monolith doing the sunspear/lightbringer farm a week after they became common as muck due to eotn.

    I’d still love to see a r8 one though - still could drop in kourna I believe.