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  • Is the q0 Duskblade Scythe still available?

  • Is Summit Warlord shield still available?

    • Hello,

      I currently do not have any SWS for sale, sorry.


  • is the platinum staff Q12 fire 20/20 available?

    -> i would buy it :)

  • was advised to reach out to you about a q8 -1 off falchion.

  • hi chevy,

    I see you've got loads of guides for chest running. Im trying to source low tactics req shields like r2-4 (10-12ar) I figure istan chests would be a decent bet. Ive been running mehtani keys but only seems to be the 1 chest there. Have you done any running of istan chests? Thanks!

  • hey, you bought my dusk blade, pls write me your ingame name!

  • hey man so you are intersting in the Q8 scythe?

  • Sorry I missed you today, I was AFK while on a first responder call.

    Between wildland fires a few days ago and other stuff, I'm beginning to feel my age.

    We'll catch each other at some point I'm sure.

  • got a gold naked q9 canthan serpent axe for ya. Ign Dude Squad

  • Hey Agent Chevy,

    are you also planning an infopost about pongmei valley in the future? (Chest run)

    Thanks for the others. They helped me a lot

    • Hello!

      I can add it to my to do list, haven't had a chance to do those lately. However, if you would like to see my path, ping me if you see me online and if a good time I can certainly show you, there are several ways to go, everyone has their preference, I like to start at Tanglewood Corpse myself and cover the full map for 5 chests.


  • Hey Chevy,

    First of all, thank you for your post on my PC!

    To answer your question: I think it should have been dropped about some 10-14 years ago? At that time i was doing Urgoz alot. It has been hanging out on a spare character i never use, which had it equipped. Thats how i found it and i was actually amazed about it because i have never seen Zodiac weapons drop with such a low dmg and Q. I probably didnt realize it when it dropped at that time.

    Let me know if u can PC it or if you want to place an offer.

    Thanks again!

    ''The Honey Bee''

  • can we negotiate for the amber? im looking for a bit more

  • Cant talk to you, ur 'status' is offline

  • I'll take the 50e for the q8 15-21 fiery dragon sword! :)

    IGN is Sensa Lowen


    • Great, sounds good! Thank you

      I will watch for you in game, or reach out if you see me "Agent Chevy"

  • hello chevy,

    how much do u think Q5 sythe?

    • See your Private messages, sent you one earlier.

  • Hello Chevy.

    Thank you for the comment on my selling post, as i haven't noticed that my main picture was a copy/pasted from the original one, and not an uploaded version, that could permit the "zoom option".

    Have a nice day!

    • and you have s/b c/o on the scepter hehe (btw i will let it go cheap imo :d)

    • No problem, pictures can be difficult at times.

      Lol, well I actually retracted that 1e offer after I saw the picture. However, I did change my bid to 2 s/b on other items.

      One of the Forum rules is if you are the last bidder, you have to edit your prior response and not reply again, which can cause problems because it doesn't notify the original poster. So just in case you didn't notice, I updated my comment on your thread.

      Thanks again for the quick response and update to your picture


  • offer accepted on the Amber Wand 20e, IG name Eragon Tanker

    • Great, Thank you. I will watch out for you, or ping me if you see me on (IGN Agent Chevy)

  • Hi whats your ign?

  • hey u offered on my shadow shield would u do 20e for it? if so im in game now

  • Hi, I'll take the 100e offer for the Jade Orbs, pm me ingame Sinning Victory, ty. If I don't reply I'm afk on nine rings!

  • hey dude i see you made an offer for that Q8 Earth staff im selling. message me in game so we can do the deal.