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    The thing is when you log in and not many are on like today and if you want it to be more like GW not GW2 then you will need heros and don't forget about PvP .There were lots of players in the first 3 years do do missions with but questing not really .

    yes.that is the state of gw as of today. But in GW golden days you had bunch of players, not heroes where most people run meta builds and dont accept anyone except their own heroes in their party. As I mentioned earlier,you can implement a few heroes later where the devs can see that the playerbase is decreasing. So up to that point there is no need of heroes, it was a cool concept when they restricted it to 3 heroes per person,but at that time there were still abundance of players.

    And PvP was fluorishing back in the golden days as well, even tho pvp players were toxic,but pvp usually is.

    People actually did quests back in the day and alot of missions. In my guild at that time, EVERYONE was doing missions,capping(before titles were a thing). I would say people did missions with human players upwards to gw2 was released,after that alot of players moved onto gw2.

    firstly, that would be too many professions with combining gw1 and gw2, that would be so much balancing to do.

    we didnt need heroes back in the day of gw, there were abundance of people everywhere,we had henchies which was a joke do anything with. Heroes are a abomination in gw, it killed pve with other players, and then came 7 heroes and made gw1 a shitt storm. Gw made for coop. If there was coop instances you would have to play with human players.

    I dont think many would care much for a auction house, if you really fancy go play wow or some other mmo who has in their.

    I agree on some things Age . IF a gw3 would come I also would want it to continue the professions,but I also dont want heros to come back. Maybe later like it was introduced with NF and only limit to 2 or max 3.

    7 heroes kills pve with other humans. Before heroes were a thing,we had henchmen and they sucked so bad so that kind of incentivized to play with other human players as much as possible.

    They really need to bring the core proffesions back atleast,like warrior,monk,necro,ele,mesmer,ranger.

    I'm actually watching the video you posted here,but I dont think it should continue from gw2 with all the classes and professions,but instead use the professions with a main and a secondary, 8 skills, bring back the OS stuff, titles. This time it should be a dedicated monk so all roles are defined.

    the combat style that the lady is talking about should be inspired from gw1.

    I dont really want it to be instanced, I played Aion for like 5years and all zones were instanced pretty much which turned out pretty annoying with quests. I quite like how gw1 does it.

    I also dont really think a UE5 would be the best idea, people would probably need a really high end GPU to run the UE5 game and it would be too much focused on graphics and less gameplay.

    I always feel that the devs are pushing to show how good the new engine is in their game.

    I don't get it. The arguments often boil down to "every class should be able to do everthing"? What's the point of having different classes then?

    I dont get it either. every mmo should have class/profession system so they can play of each other roles

    Its' made for casuals and they forgot how gw really works with professions. I really hated the fact when they announced that they wouldnt have a dedicated monk and that made me realize gw2 is for casuals. Gw2 can rot for all I care, when they decided to do a 180.

    Personally I would want to have a video of how to farm specific items but I understand the desire to keep that knowledge secret, I've been casually trying to get a q8 tattooed scimitar for a few months now just popping in for the farm when I notice favor is up and I'm not doing anything, knowing full well that a few "persons" could most likely find it in a few days. I think that the importance of an item comes down to the individual, if you really just like a skin or it has some personal significance to you then why would it matter that there are a lot of them around in the game?

    I think for many it doesnt matter if the skin is much farmed, but it has to be that the person really loves the skin. But for many they only farm the really valuable skins so they can make a huge profit for as long as possible.

    this is the problem we all get when everything is shared in gw community. This has happened from the very start of gw with all skins.

    This has happened with collosal scimitar, holy vial, elemental sword. And recently magma shield, magma shields will eventually be not so sought after because it will be more common. Same happened with plat staff. And etc...

    If people would just not share farming stuff, it would be more expensive and more rare.

    This is something that gw players have contributed towards, and I mean those who post farming builds for everything.

    and this just brings me to another topic of favor,which are so bad after they changed that favor is literally there so people can get a higher chance of getting a rare skin drop. I really miss the old favor system.

    I really hope that kadar wont post a farming video,and no one else will either in the future. But I know it wont happen anyway,since if said person A wont do it, said person B will do it eventually.

    just bought 50 unid os magmas from A L I N in ppp to see if they test thier unids, conclusion every single one was at least 2hp off max even the single mods so yes, they do in-fact test thier unids, just a heads up to anyone who buys unid packs most always test before selling

    what you expect? such a high end skin and you really think no one checks for double mods with 30hp and stuff like that?

    Thats just being naive. Everyne that sell big buks does this,but ofcourse they dont mention this to sucker in all the buyers.

    That is what I ma referring to .No I don't want to .They got mounts something that was said no upon .

    well,you do get free stuff in events, so theres that.

    And gw1 doesnt need to be on par with any other MMO,if you dont like gw1 based on how it has been for over 15years you should find another game that gives out free stuff daily/weekly.

    a q9 20/20 heal wand is not 100a,much more than that. I had to spend alot more for my q9,but that doesnt mean I'm PCing that high. But its more than 100a

    PCing a q10 between 10-15a is laughable. Ive seen turds PCed higher, and this is 20/20 that is matching.

    For such low PC on a q13 5-10a, I would just keep the wand for myself.