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    40/40 sets for heroes are expensive, whether you craft them or buy greens. In my opinion, a 40/20 staff for ES/Panic/Inep heroes is almost as good. The collector just outside Durheim Archives in Morostav Trail has Domination and Illusion 20/20 staves for 5 warden horns each. Add an adept staff head and a defensive wrap and you're golden.

    I would think that there are more of these kicking around than we realize. I remember doing Mausoleum with full player teams from ToA with a runner, and people taking turns with the locked chests. I *think* there was also a chance to get a drop from the coffins, right? I might be misremembering though.

    Anyway, I think that Tall shield was mine originally, and I'm semi-sure I also had a triple mod Motivation Plated, though I can't find a screenshot anywhere. Luny had a bunch of stuff from there, including a couple of 20/10 EotN-skin staves that I gave her. I *think* she also had a triple-mod Jeweled Chalice, but that may have been someone else. I'm sure I've seen one. Don't know if is still around much, but he may have one or two items.

    Focus (non-insc) - Paper Lantern and Jug. Pronged Fan doesn't drop non-insc. Is there demand for insc Pronged? Primary attributes and Inspiration, so maybe not? Not sure.

    Scythe: Dhuum's

    Spear: Demoncrest. Maybe Draconic? If so, likely q9 only. Serrated and Greater Guardian also used to sell easily in q9, not sure about now. Voltaics might be the only thing selling.

    Staff: (non-insc) Platinum, even with the rampant botting. Also, 20/20 Twin Dragon Jeweled Staves (prob just q9 and maybe 10). The insc version of these used to sell as well, not sure if there's still a market.

    Sword: (non-insc) Katana and Broadsword q9 15^50 or +5en. These also used to be a quick sale in q9 insc, not sure about the market now.

    Wand: (non-insc) Some of the other Canthan universal ones - Celestial, Jellyfish, Koi.

    Low-req shields - pretty sure there's still a market for Tactics 14/6 insc and maybe 13/5. Any PvP'ers confirm?

    Any non-insc stuff will obviously be sort of hard to detail, since 90% (or more, regardless of skin) is vendor material. Maybe it would be better to instead detail the desirable mods for each category for these? Or in the case of martial weapons, in addition to the skins (some skins are hard sales even in q9 15^50 or +5en).

    Nice project!

    Jeez, this is exhausting.

    C'mon now, Pyro. You seem to be suggesting that nobody has any real idea what things may be worth. That's disingenuous at best. Are you trying to say that when a lot of the experienced collectors on Legacy get a nice drop, they don't instantly have a ballpark figure as to what it may sell for? Because frankly, that's horseshit. And not a small amount. A giant, steaming, smelly pile that you'd need a backhoe to manage.

    While I agree that it would be nice to have records of sales, that sort of thing may not be any more accurate as far as predicting future value than some people's educated guesses. Not to mention the tendency with a lot of people preferring to negotiate via PM so that the public isn't privy to the final trade.

    Obviously you (and some others) prefer not to use the PC forum. That's fine, don't. In my opinion, the PC forum as a service isn't here for most of the regulars. Most of the serious collectors are dialed-in to the market, know who collects what, and know who will be willing to pay the most depending on the item. As I said, the PC forum isn't for those people. It's for the returning players who haven't logged in since 2012, or new people who want to fill their Hall of Monuments for the GW2 bonus stuff, or even SC players who happened to get a nice drop in Tyria or Cantha but aren't familiar with OS gear.

    It sounds like you're looking for something that would suit your personal needs better than the current PC forum. That's fine, I'm with you 100%. But maybe we can manage both?

    Pleikki has changed the format of his PC posts to this:


    Highest i have seen this or similar item go for in the right circumstances: 30-40a

    What i think is fair on today's market: 10-20a

    I think selling below this would be getting ripped of spectacularly considering my experience of market on such items: 5a

    Does anyone take issue with this sort of reply? Seems reasonable to me. If you disagree with the PC assessment, you can always post, right?


    Well it all comes down to this, doesn't it? The function of. PC is to provide the potential seller with a set of expectations. The least we can do is say what the basis is for the expectations we are providing. Recent sale? Failed thread on Legacy? Your general impression? Something you remember from a year ago? What you think a frantically motivated and infinitely rich collector might pay if he's in a giving mood?

    Or should we just listen to you because you give a lot of price checks? Listening to someone because they talk a lot is a bad policy in every universe I've ever lived in :)

    Right. And I think the whole thing stems from the small community. I was a "Price Check Guru" (kinda-mod) on GWG back in the day, and high-end OS PC's would usually attract a lot of comments. I'm sure a lot of you guys and girls here recall that there were a few people who routinely gave low-ball PC's that obviously had an agenda, but they were usually called out on their horseshit. Same with the preposterously high PC's. But that was when we might've had 10-20 or even more replies offering advice, as opposed to the current 1-3.

    So maybe we should be discussing how to make the system better. I don't think the answer is to burn it down like Pyro suggested. That would exclude potential buyers of specific items, just as an example.

    I agree with you, Pyro. You're preaching to the choir. My point was that the "60a" PC can be helpful, and isn't necessarily a bad thing. I guess I should have been more clear in stating that players shouldn't be married to the PC they get as if it's passed down from the divine. Personally, if I got a PC like that but after a period of time the highest bid I got was 40a, I would evaluate my time investment in the sale and would probably go with the high bid.

    The issue is if someone thinks "jimbo on Legacy said I shouldn't sell for less than 60a, so pound sand with your lowball". That's what Max was talking about in the OP, and I think the fault lies just as much with the seller as it does with - possibly - a lack of clarity in the provided price check.

    So yeah, nothing wrong with shooting for being as transparent as possible when doing PC's. That should be the goal. But, as has been pointed out by Pyro and Kromp, every PC should be taken with a grain of salt. If some seller treats a PC as the set-in-stone "price", it isn't necessarily 100% the fault of the PC'er.

    There's another thing at work here as well. I've seen the odd comment on the GW reddit and in-game about some of the collectors on Legacy (paraphrasing) being low-ball rip-off artists who will steal the mods from your armour if you're not watching them carefully. I'm being slightly hyperbolic, but you get my point. So going back to the hypothetical 60a PC, if that person has heard this vile slander and then gets a bunch of PM's offering ~20a for his item, that would confirm what he's already heard and maybe make him dig in his heels. Even if the 20a offers are completely legit market-wise.

    In that instance, it's partially the fault of (maybe) excessive expectations created by the PC and party due to OS collectors having the rep of sharks who will sell their firstborn for a beautiful pre-nerf. ;)