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  • hey, I added you for the undead/+1insp crude, or u can lmk when u are online

  • how the hell do you pm someone on this forum :D

  • Hey Pyro,

    Added you ingame, will try to catch you so you can get you sws shield.

    Ign: Hygie ext

  • Thank you for the information about Copperleaf Shields! Saved me lots of headache and it means I can just get all my shields modded the way I want and post my finished collection!

  • Hey, are you interested in a q10 Tac Wooden Buckler -5/20, 10 armor vs trolls? (I also posted in your thread)

  • Hi, do you still want to buy the Q7 sunqua blade 20e?

    PM: Snake Garfaz or send me your IGN

  • Hey, you can pm me IG for the q4 demon wooden buckler!
    IGN: No Arty No Party

  • Hey PyroLobster,
    you can pick up the celestial sword +5e, i want a bit more for the ornate.

    catch you in game, IGN: Ching The Assassin

  • pm for you shields ing Miu Linn

  • Hey! PM me in game for Keht's Aegis, IGN: Alexander Cadogan :)

  • Got: Gargash, Stinger, Thornbeard's, Morgriff's, Gorrel's cane.

  • Hey- I've got a few of the greens you're after.

  • im IG now

  • offer accepted on the Plag shield, pm me IG name Eragon Healer

  • hey i cant pm you but i have Byndliss' Reaver, and OS tall shield q10 STR -2 Stance, -2 enchant