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    I could have sworn the - 20% Blindness shield helped in Random Arenas when playing warrior I allways had a blind shield I switched to. - having the purification on the armor as well ofc.

    You tell me half of my life has been a lie 😳🀯

    for example AIR of Disenchantment will not let Enchantments run out faster that are allrdy on me? - yeah it stands in the text -

    • This hex only affects the length of enchantments used on the target after the hex is applied; previously applied enchantments are not affected, nor will removing the hex restore the original length of effects already shortened.

    Holy smokes power of believing. I allways switched to my - 20% Blind shield and I achieved absolutely nothing except feeling pro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The topic is subject as lot of topics are and everyone can have a different preference for sure :)

    But let us talk some numbers based on a Chest run that really hurts - Tacas Demise - these Dwarven rangers are true killers.

    So let's say there are 2-3 rangers in a mob groub u wanna pass. Each fires 3 shots on you for a total of 6-9 shots. Now we have 400max HP and an 10vsDwarves - 2wE shield

    6-9 x - 2 Mod = 12=18 reduced dmg. AND u have only 200 max hp when shroud triggers.

    And they really hit for a lot. Like 50-80 for sure with a skill even with piercing insignias. So the blocking of shroud is 75% dmg Block chance wich will lead to 100% dmg reduce. That is what keeps you alive a - 2 Mod will not change that.

    With a 45HP Shield u can basicly eat 1 Hit for free assuming it's. A ~50 Dmg hit. And ur shroud will trigger with a higher max HP Wich makes u less spike able. Cause shroud (wich is ur life saver, not a - 2 Mod) will be there for you earlier.

    Also note that On PvP/GvG when u get spiked u pull a 10vsXX/+HP Shields

    And not -2/10vsXX Shields.

    -2wE will be better if u receive a lot of hits like a tank that pulls huge groups receiving Basicly πŸ’―hits and more.

    As a chest RUNNER πŸƒ you should do what the name suggest you - do it like FOREST - and run btch ruuuuuuun.


    Run and Take max 10 Ranger hits and your - 2Mod will stay inferior to a +22HP on shroud and a 45HP max mod. Quick maffs.

    After the 11+ Physical DMG Hit I agree on the - 2wE mod will be superior* -

    still keep in mind it only triggers on Physical dmg so for runs like Hells P. its not really Suited since u face nearly exclusively Fire Dmg. And if u come with the burning titans still keep in mind the 11+ hit rule until the - 2Mod will be better. And if u start tanking 11+ Burning titan hits u rather start running pongmeis ;)

    Hello me again

    I was curious which is better for chest running in general. More health or reducing dmg?or is it preference?

    Chest running I would say the HP matter more. Note that if u have more HP then also the Shroud of distress triggers earlier* and that skill + SF is what keeps you alive basically.

    *edit/Explanation: You will have higher HP with Shroud. So it's starts blocking incoming DMG at a higher HP cap.

    1.Say u have 400hp. Shroud triggers at 200hp.

    2. U have 200hp + 45hp from shield. Shroud triggers at 222hp so 22hp earlier then in the previous case.

    For PvP some people even said duo reduce Shields are OP but I think we can do a small calculation here to prove that wrong:

    U get 45HPwE or - 2wE

    45/2= 22,5. So u need 23 Procs of PHYSICAL-Dmg to make it worth to run the - 2 Mod over the flat 45hp bonus.

    Even on a triple Frontline spike u hardly will get 23 Physical Procs in.

    I think the 45wE and 10vsXX will be best mostly for chest running πŸƒ most PvP situations and generell PvE tanking etc as well.

    Like 10vs dwarves shield +45wE on Tascas Demise chest run.

    But let's be super honest. It really doesn't matter on chest runs most of the times. I can run stable with a green shield with - 5/20 +30hp πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

    ondenoire would maybe interested.

    Post it for sale to let other also have a chance to bid on it.

    Overall Hexy Shields aren't sexy shields. At least for most people. They sell for a fraction for - 2/45wE

    Q9 and nice order are somehow appealing ngl.

    Low X arms range is what my tummy tells me.

    5) hence is a cool word and red really loves to use it, hence the word "hence" is frequently in use in his analysis, hence the quoted post is really from red, hence he is fine and healthy, hence Iam happy, hence much love bro 😘

    There are 2 options how this can go Either it's this pattern :

    GW1 awesome⬆️ 😍

    GW2 Garbage ⬇️ πŸ—‘

    GW3 Awesome⬆️ 😍


    GW1 Awesome

    GW2 Garbage

    GW3 wtf is this shit and please kill it before it lays eggs πŸ₯š

    I assume it's the second option sadly. So my hype is kinda low for a GW3 sadly :(