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  • Do you want a q8 Firey sword no mod for 10e?

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    • yeah sure! thanks :)

      hit me up ingame

      Red Fireball Rusher


  • You online now? I can get you that #53 now IGN: Trace The Dreadful

    • I added you ingame - that time wasn't possible for me - it was 5am here :D

  • hi

    congrats on successfully bidding on the q8 storm artifact.

    So far, I couldn't catch you online.

    I'm on most evenings European time.

    ign: Das Schwarze Grauen

    • kewl ty! I can hop in online within 30min if that suits you

  • not sure you'll be interested but I have a defender Q13 str +10 piercing +42 ench
    I also merched a Q8 16arm +28 health yesterday and now Im wondering if Ive been an idiot...

    • also do you buy unid gold os defenders? Ive had a few and happy to just not ID those ones if you want them

    • ey! thanks a lot for the offers :)

      the defender pierce ench I do already have a max q9 version, hence I don't need that. The q8 28 I'd have saved from the merch but it's not like I'd drown anyone in ecto for such - but I'd really appreciate and give an ecto as compensation of efforts in return :) hence economically you didn't do wrong since there is no mentionable market value to it, but you missed out on an ecto and making me happy ;D

    • for unids I'd like buying them! but I wouldn't pay high for them but in the 1-3k/ea I'd be interested :)

    • Ah I'm sorry re the q8, any future red shields I get ill pop u a message about. Re unids ill I'd in that case, I enjoy the iding ngl haha

    • Np re pierce I thought as much

  • Hey, just dropped a beautiful q5str +30hp GV100 :) u intrested?

  • Yo, got defender str req13 -2wS +10 dragons. Interested?

    • I already got that one, sry. thanks a lot for offering however! really appreciate that!

  • Got a q9 str inscr purple tower shield gw 110 and Defender q9 str inscr gold defender gw 268 if intrested :)

    IGN: Kirlia Tenebreuse

    • I'd need the gold one still - would be happy to pick it up :) ign Red Fireball Rusher

  • contact me ingame Sup splitters for defenders, i would want 15e/ea if u are agree with that

    • sounds absolutely fine - will add you ingame and try to catch you. Won't be on today - maybe tomorrow. Merry christmas still ;)

  • insc Tower q9 GV 368 waiting for you, hit me up

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  • Hey, got q9 insc Defender GV 244 for you.

    IGN: Silent Memet

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  • i have looted a single mod q8 ar 15 -2we tower shield, if u want it i give u for free. tell me before i merch it

    • If it were max ar or 15/7 I'd have certainly saved it. But this way it is merch sadly :/

  • it's not yours Red, its a new one in this game, just looted on monday, with lot of luck :D

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    • wow damn - that is HUGE! Incredible to see such as fresh drop :O

      Where did you get it?

  • Hi Red,

    what do you think about this Defender q8 ? :/

    if you're interested, make me an offer ;)  defender_q8.JPG

    • this one?

      I am sorry but I got versions that I see superior (q7 -5/19 +29, q10 -5/20 +30) - I had sold one like yours actually some time ago - need to find a screen to see if it was that one (gold value).

      Thanks a lot for offering, I appreciate that! - it still is a beauty ;)



  • Hi, you bid for a tower shield +60hex dom+1 19%. it is yours. My IGN Cecilia Chaosblume

  • Hey There, :)

    I think i dropped something interesting for you, if you dont need it, i would be really happy for a Price Check on it so i can try to sell it otherwise.

    Tyvm in Advance.

    Best regards

    ign: Germans Dream Boy17481-unbenannt-png

  • Been trying to catch you online with no luck.

    Have a OS defender (req 9) -5 physical dmg/20%, +30 hp and some others if you're interested.

    IGN- Omega Polemos or The Rider War

    • wow! That's a nice one! I'll add you ig and look for you :) these days my online time is rather limited - but we'll meet up eventually!

    • haven't seen you on for awhile, still holding onto that shield for ya

  • Hey, never catch you ingame for the healing ankh, when are you normally on?

    • not online much these days, best chance mo-fr in between 7am and 3pm GMT. What's your ign so I can add you and check for you?

    • ign: Doenerfischs Retro

      Hmm, maybe at the weekend I can be on during your time, I usually play in the evening during the week if I can...

  • Hey! When's the best time to catch you in game for that butterfly sword? :)

    • Can't be on this weekend, will be there longer during upcoming week. Best would be 7am-1pm european time.

      Cheers :)

  • trollslaying axe 10e (x2)

    trollslaying 11% axe 10e

    What is skin on the axe?

    • it's just the salvaged mods - no axe attached ;)

    • Sounds good, I did buy one of the axe mods and a few of your lovely shields. What is your ingame name?

      Ashes Of The Dead here :)

    • Red Fireball Rusher here :)

      I'll be online on monday again

  • Hey dude, idk if you own a blue r8 inscr Defender max armor or if you would even be interested but I do own one that im willing to sell/trade. Let me know. ign: Trained Cleavage

    • ey, thanks for the offer - that's one of those where I could have had 20 by now ;)

      I tend to keep the lowest valued ones - so far the record holder is 61g - if yours beats that... I'd propose a trade!

  • thanks a lot :)

  • Hey red fireball,

    I just want to ask you ,the weapon vamp 15-1 HP is Pre-Nerf ? or not ?

    • no, they do still drop, rarely however. They only drop in prophecies and factions on uninscribable melee weapons

  • Hi Red,

    Got a defender q11 +1 death magic 20%


    • Hey,

      I do only take singlemods in q9 anymore, sry.

      Thanks a lot for offering though!

    • np! Goodluck 😉