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  • +1 fire (20%) / 42 on enchant Q12 str Eternal Shield

    20e if the other offer doesn't pan out :)

    -> Hombre Derviche

    PM me IG

  • Ash hit me up in game for the 20/20 air cockatrice staff

  • Ash hit me up in game if you want the Round Shield

  • g

  • Hey I saw that you are kind enough to offer help to those who missed the anniversary event to capture the pve-only skills. Could I ask for your help? Thanks!

    • absolutely! I am offline for a while now, just getting into work, but I'd be glad to help you when next online!

      Ign Ashes Of The Dead

    • what is your ign? I will be on later tonight (I'm EST so its 11am here) in about 8 hours or so.

      If we are on different times I can try to be up early tomorrow morning to catch you then!

    • I'm EST too! My IGN: Ho Lee Blade. Thanks a bunch! See you in game!

  • hi?

  • or give me your ign because im switching between toons atm

  • you can find me on st darshan

  • sorry I just seen your message, what is your ign?

  • want to trade before i go off ?

  • hey, you can come pick up the axe if you want

  • a few days left for the chaos axe

  • Hi there do you want a gothic sword q9 os 15^ for 15e

    IGN Shantel Melina

    • sorry another auction has same item in the 1-5ecto bin so I will pursue there.

      Thank you though!