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    mod combination is unwanted + nonmax armor = merch sadly.

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    just for comparison: every 25th foc from lvl 20 source is max q8 and every 75th shield. That means again for 99% certainty you have a q8 max one you'd have to farm 112 foci or 350 shields respectively. The times depend on the spot you are farming by their drop rates. Assuming similar drop rates and times at a virtual location as for swords at moddock that'd be 5 days for foc and 16 days for shield (roughly). But usually foci drop more often than swords...

    The chestrunning alternative would give better chance for max q8s as per time, but also terribly higher chance of purples - for one of any rarity you'd have to run somewhere around 80.000 chests for statistically having one max sword, 370.000 for a 99% certainty, and for getting a gold one those numbers are roughly 5times higher - 430.000 and 2.000.000 to be precise. A good chestrun yields 1chest/min meaning for the 99% at a gold max sword you'd be running 4 years constantly - compared to that the hm farming seems a little better even ;)

    Okay HM drops aren't all gold either, but there's maybe 20-30% purples, extending the calculated 3years to maybe 4years. But still equal to chestrunning nm. If the rates actually are lower though - times and sword drop rates (which I fear - the above estimation was rather optimistic) it could well be that HM farming is less effective.

    Just wanted to put those numbers for anyone who'd attempt getting one :P

    Nice topic!

    I can say from my statistics that nm and hm drops work exactly the same, but the intersection set of levels is rather low - esp regarding the fact that technically everything above and including lvl 24 works exactly the same (they have cut the upper limits for drops or we'd have a situation as in pre, where there are a hand full of pre max dmg hammers after many years into the game). Regarding the q8 topic the question is even more difficult since regular mobs start at lvl 22 in hm, which cannot drop any q8. So as you properly pointed there is only a hand full of quests that spawn lvl 20 foes.

    That being said - I didn't farm any of those particular foes nor did I record a q8 gold/prpl item elsewhere in hm.

    But I am 100% convinced that lvl 20 in hm works just like lvl 20 in nm and thus can drop q8. I'll leave a little statistics here:

    The chance for a q8 max sword is around 1 in 5500 gold/purple sword drops. That means after having farmed 5500 gold/prpl swords you can expect to statistically have one to be max q8. The chance you have actually had one drop by then is around 63% (1-1/e for any mathematicians). If you'd want to have 99% certainty that'd mean you'd have to farm for 25000 g/p swords. So if I assume a sword drop rate such that you get a sword in 5% of the runs (is that approximately correct?) And a run taking 3min (I think that is rather optimistic including rezone etc - what would you put?) You'd have to farm that single spot for 3years. 24h a day 7days a week all year.

    For foci those numbers are significantly smaller, if trying to prove hm can drop max q8 by actually dropping one I'd search for a mob that meets the criteria but drops foci (no clue if such exists).

    Other than that: since nf was introduced nothing regarding dmg ranges and reqs of drops changed, so the dead swords insc q8 that exist would prove the point just as the independent drop of gold q8 items and max dmg items from the same mobs do. But I understand your curiosity to actually see one dropping and will look into proper quests myself when I find time - I mean a higher rare item drop rate is intriguing as well as farming for that one drop... ;)

    I often find good use in the 11/3 ones on secondary attributes, since you can max two attributes to the limit and then just have enough point left over to bring such attr to lvl 3 - so you can have a secondary weaponset to defend with 11 ar instead of 0 (with a foc) or 8 (with a shield whose req you don't meet) as a backliner in case something hits you.

    Since I use such builds that comes handy (e.g. a fire mage who maxes fire and ene since anything else would be rather useless, or a heal monk who maxes heal and div)

    For PvP ofc an entire set with +10ar against any dmg types (7 in numbers) helps for maximum adaptivity.

    Sometimes I leave one off to get use of 14/6 or 2 off even to use 16/8 - in case it is necessary for reasons. But usually in PvE there is only need for such if you are alon, which usually only happens at farming, where few builds exist, that aren't based on prot spirit (55hp) or sf thus this is not really applyable - at least to my knowledge. On PvP I have few experience myself, but 7tac seems to be an amount that is very attractive.

    Almost any can be interesting to collectors, the 8/0 are sometimes used for style if you don't have attr spent, but want the core 8 ar.