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    if you now provide us with screen of your energy bar and a timer for a ench duration from toolbox and it shows us a perf caster sword - and you supply us with spell recharge and casting time statistics and it shows us a perf 20/20heal... then I'd be REALLY impressed...

    white blue they drop in all starter areas apparently. In hm they can even be max dmg q9 and blue - meaning you can get a perf moddable one in istan. However they do not drop purple or gold there - yes I am sure on prophecies and would argue the other locations at least most likely are the same. An item dropping in white or blue does have no meaning regarding the question if it drops gold or purple there. Not even that it can drop gold or purple anywhere in the game.

    A gold max one at least has been reported in various eotn spots (berserkers, vaettirs, various dungeon end chests)

    So as requested (*erhm Captain Krompdown ) I´ll do my current best to give a small insight into my collection of "red rectangular shields" (Quote Kabong )

    I´d like to say thanks to everyone who has helped along the journey and is still contributing Pleikki  Agent Chevy  Praise  Purely  PyroLobster  Gentleman Xander  Kugiini @pPp to name just a few...)

    . Currently my internet don´t work, so all I can do is post old screens and my spreadsheet of what I got - and what not :D

    I´ll try to work on this thread for a history of my collection, but for now I´ll leave you these:

    so as you can see - I am around 1/4th complete on the goal to get all mod combinations. I still need to upgrade some of them to max stats, some to "better" req (aka 13 or 9,8,7), or some just to "proper rarity" like some "perfect purples". I do have many shields on my waiting list, that I haven´t been able to pick up, but I hope to be able to play again anytime soon. We´ll see when that is. With them I might get to 28% (there´s 915 combinations, so every new shield is about 0.1% towards the goal.

    Now here some graphic content - viewers discretion advised ;) (as mentioned - old screens, many improvements have been done since...)


    Red ;)

    PyroLobster I did also investigate the mentioned skins eternal and shadow - mainly to determine what creature mods could drop in UW and FOW whith them being exclusives. Didn't look into gloom. I found screens of almost all proph creature mods - a skeleton eternal like your screen was a missing one. I could imagine the creature mods being prenerf in the way that since release of fac they wouldn't drop anymore. That is highly interesting and a new category for a prenerf item: shadow with proph creature mods other than undead - insane! Thanks a lot for the research on TopK - I did never investigate that, but it is absolutely reasonable that they are all proph creatures, since the only entry is proph - so get out there folks and farm them charr eternals again!

    I wonder what it is about undead that got the developers to make it drop throughout the game - or if it was an unintentional effect... what is different from the others? There is this topic of mob categorization - world, affiliation/army, family are categories each mob is assigned. I started working on a table listing those tags for any creature in this game - I still didn't complete the list of creatures and didn't even start to assign the tags other than world. Most of the slaying mods target a family. Undead and charr being the only ones targeting the army. But charrmods don't drop... so that doesn't seem to be the point... we might never find out...

    I summon the : Defender of the Towers in Pricecheck mode and with that i end my turn

    XD I like you ;)

    Damn those shields. The first one is 6off - 10e seems like a fair price. I'd give you 20e even :P

    No - seriously - that's one of the nicer defenders out there for sure. I'd put it in the 30-60a range, will highly depend on who is interested (apart from me) and how much cash they intend to spend.

    The dualreduction I'd put around 40-50a, I just recently sold a q9 one for around 80a, which was a generous offer. On dualreductions the gap between q9 and q10 isn't as high as on other stats, since the main factor is getting a dualreduction at all.

    Hope this helps - at least don't rush to sell them to pm offers too fast - you can take your time selling these - honest buyers will stand with their offers, others who don't most likely want to put you under pressure in hopes for you to accept in a rush and they get a good deal and will just sell it for profit again.

    I did investigate the matter at some point and found a screen of an eternal vs any tyrian creature in the end - no clue where they came from however :D

    damn... some sick items right there - disn't expect anything else tho ;)

    q8 20/20 prenerf boner, q8 20/10 cesta, q9 20/10 plat wand, q10 20/20 cesta and that q8 20/16 cesta - soooo sick! Loving it - now show us the offhands corresponding to the wands!

    personally I wouldn't expect much value - but at least a couple ectos since there is some collectors out there for stuffs like it - I'd be happy with anything above 5e as seller and would expect the bids to go up to 10e easily 15e maybe 20e+ unlikely. Might be the skin is extra rare in blue rarity which I wouldn't be aware of...

    I'd fear less even - the one off kills a lot! But it is a GotH and very sexy after all - I'd expect 5-10a easily, but might get tougher to get above...

    On the other hand goths seem to be higher in value than magmas and they are somewhat hyped - so rethinking I might agree with Lesder ;)