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Stumbled across your post on X00 shields - was curious if you are interested in a Vabbian Defender (q9 Comms) 200g - unfortunately not Bastion :P

Hey Bluey, thanks for your post on my hom 30 to 50! One question: what are the best/cheapest consumables for Drunkard/Sweet Tooth/Party Animal?

hey there. Saw your purple q9 oni drop. Dunno if you collect those or not, but if not, please dont merch it. I think I still need one of those. Holler in game to Alexa Jaide and lemme know! Thanks!

Thanks for saving it!

I was not gonna merch it, naw~ I was gonna salvage it to iron ingots XD

I will contact you the next time I'm "allowed to play"

you can contact me too, the blade is yours!

Game is addicting, life is pain

Stop self-convicting, ask what you gained