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  • Hey friend I am in game right now

    I am good with 5e for the focus but we can talk about the staff

    I am in Boreal Station IGN : Alexander Masticus

  • hey man, i am on now :)

  • I don't know if you are collecting 15vsHex weps but you have bought a couple from me and I have another if interested hit me in game

    IGN: Alexander Nasticus

    • I do collect 15hex in OS q9. Ill look for you tonight after work and check em out!

    • I had 1 crenulated sword q9 and q13 and I marched the wrong one sorry

  • if you will do 3e on the q9 hammer 15^hex we are solid

    • sure, ill do that. Will catch you later tonight after work to pick it up.

    • :thumbsup:

  • Hey Cash,

    i added Alexa Jaide to my f-list... but i never see her online

    • hey there! I'm usually on late night eastern US time (10pm or later). Sundays and Mondays im off work so its easier to find me then.

  • Hey Cash, it looks like I don't have that ornate spear anymore, I'm very sorry for that :/ I'll still take a last look through all my characters. I'll try to catch you in game soon, around what time do you usually play?

  • Hello !

    Do you want to set up a time for me to sell you the archaic dual vamp axe, if you are still interested ?



  • Hey i just saw your post on my things. if you are still wanting those shields, please let me know and i will make an effort to set up a time to be online.

    • hey, looks like i picked up both of those in game since that post. ill go retract on the thread now. sorry!

    • hey that's alright. I've been away from the game for a bit. it's my loss. happy gaming!

  • hey, I'm online now :)

  • Hey Im Online ing regarding the EL Knight