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  • Hi ! Added you for the celestial ones ! IGN Pwned By Doggos

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  • my ign Sup splitters

  • wating for u for the war hammer, can't see u ig

  • let me get back to you after a day or 2 for the plagueborn focus

    IGN: Cool Kats

  • can't find u ingame... i have looted another one same stat, if u want 2 :p

  • hey, i can sell the spiked war ham for 15e if u want

  • Thanks for the info on the pre nerf green

  • Heya mate, you bid for a Conjuring Staff yesterday. When are you free to meet up?

    My IGN is Hoplita Koriel, already added you :).

    • Hi, i'll add you, when ever i/you see me online pm !

      My ig : blind was my fury

  • @Blind Was My Fury, you won the bids . 150e (gloom shield)

    lets meet in-game to complete sale

    • Hi pm me man ! Ig : blind was my fury

      What's your ig ?

    • Aria Moonshot

      I've added you in-game but been in sc all day, might have missed you

      it's np

  • tried to catch you in game guess i just missed you, the pyrewood is yours bro.

  • thanks for the congratulations :)

  • hi! my post was deleted before i could see your reply. Did you want the q9 spawning Jug? :)

  • WTS : q9 legendary sword : 3e

    I'll take this one friend

    IGN = Alexander Masticus

  • 16e for the slicers pls?

  • So – I ended up being way more lucky than anticipated. I already got more greenies for you. Very much plural.

  • oh, my bad, its not on hex, sorry :/

  • its a gold one

  • that eternal shield has 30 hp while hexed? didn't know that mod could go that low.

    RE: *CLOSED* OS Eternal shield