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  • Your bid of 50e for the jug was the best offer

    Please contact me in game

    Igns shorty fused

    Koda star

    Zena loraine

    • Still waiting for you to contact me.

      Uk player so on most evenings 8 till 11 GMT

    • i try to log in 2-3 hours

  • hey there- sorry i was in a rush to get to work earlier today. just had one last question about that flatbow. im pretty sure i remember right, but it was a dual ZEAL bow, correct? i looked at the thread and it said DV, and when i bid i wrote out DV, and when i checked my alt i do have DZ already but need DV. so anyway, if its a dual zealous one you showed me, i dont need. but if somehow i messed up looking at it and its a DV, let me know and ill def buy it! thanks again, and sorry for the confusion on my part!


    • Hey !

      DV one

    • ok cool. Ill pick it up at your convenience!

    • i try to catch you in game :)

  • You wanted to buy my Plag. Stuff. ING Kada Ro

    • pm me in game : Emma Jyaim

  • Hey just to check- you posted about buying my FDS and hand axe 15-5 mods, were you not the same person who just bought them in game?

    • I’m the same

      I just want to Up your thread :)

    • Thank you! Didn't want to just ignore and assume it was you :)